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I conduct private and semi-private lessons for adults and juniors. I have a passion for teaching juniors and have been trained as a U.S. Kids Golf Instructor. Since 2012, I have conducted an annual LPGA Girls Golf Day at Brambleton, which has been extremely well attended by girls ages 7-17. I also conduct Girls Group Lessons, which continue to grow.

In 2013, I was trained as a Golf Fitness Instructor with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). I strongly abide by the philosophy of TPI, which is rooted in the belief that there is not one way to swing a club, rather there are an infinite number of swing styles, with one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on the physical capabilities of each golfer. The efficient golf swing is unique to the individual golfer's body. I incorporate TPI physical screens into my private lessons and provide the student with exercises and drills to ensure each of my students can achieve the best possible swing for them.

I treat each student as an individual. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. There are fundamental guidelines for the game, but each golfer comes to a lesson with his/her own pre-conceived ideas about the game. We all come in different shapes and sizes, some with physical limitations. It is my job to help you develop your own swing and provide you with an understandable explanation of the various aspects of the swing to empower YOU to improve YOUR game.

I enjoy sharing the game of golf with others. With the experienced golfer who is having a specific problem with their swing, I love the challenge of identifying the problem and fixing the problem through drills, video, and demonstration.

For the beginner, I enjoy introducing them to a life-long game and watching them grow in the game.


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Adam M.

In the short time weve known Coach Cathy, she has taken our 9 year old daughter from never having touched a golf club to confident course play. She carefully constructed and is successfully executing a long term strategy which maximizes the fun aspects of golf in order to keep our daughters limited attention and give her an enjoyment of the game. Her knowledge of and love for the game make her a great golf instructor. Her reliability, endless patience, and skill working with children make her a true gem for those seeking a coach for their child.
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August 13, 2016

Bill R.

I found Cathy to be an excellent golf instructor. She worked with my current swing practices and made incremental swing changes rather than trying to revamp my entire swing. Her open manner and sense of humour made her easy to work with and she made definite improvements in my golf game in a relatively short time.
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August 13, 2016

Leeann C.

Ive been working with Cathy Jones for over a year now completely restructuring my swing. Her instruction is solid and easily understandable. She has a good sense of humour and knows when to use it to get the best results out of your instruction. Cathy is a really good instructor both on the range or golf course. Ive referred people to her group and individual instruction options and every one has given me positive feedback, its obvious in their golf game.
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August 13, 2016

Jon S.

Cathy really focused on fundamentals with me. She worked with me on my grip, alignment, posture, and path. These are aspects of the game I thought I understood and took for granted. Only after working with Cathy did I really start to feel a better understanding of the golf swing. Ive become a much more consistent player and after my lessons with Cathy, I broke 80 for the first time! Thanks Cathy!
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August 13, 2016

Frequently asked questions

For new students, I start with the shortest stroke, which is putting, reinforcing fundamentals of grip, stance, posture, ball position, and alignment, as we progress to chip shots, pitch shots, then the full swing.  I want them to see success with the simplest stroke, before they progress to the full swing.  I also make every effort to satisfy their specific goals.  It's not about me.  It's about them!  What works for one student does not necessarily work for another.  I am student centered in my teaching.

In 2009, I was trained and certified as a golf instructor with the US Golf Teachers Federation.

2011-2014, Class A training curriculum with the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

US Kids Golf training curriculum

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)training.  This included instruction regarding certain swing characteristics and how they relate to physical characteristics of a golferas.

TPI training enabled me to more easily assess what instructional techniques and drills will work with an individual golfer based upon their physical challenges and body style.

Yes, I have rates for one private lesson and semi-private lesson, and a series of lessons.  The rates for a series is where you get the "most bang for your buck"!

All rates for adults and juniors are listed on my website,

Examples...Adult 30 minute lesson-$70

3-30 minute lessons-$180

5-30 minute lessons-$275

1-60 minute adult lesson-$120

3-60 minute lessons-$285

5-60 minute lessons-$465

I first started teaching Special Olympics Golf after retiring from federal law enforcement in 2005.  After this experience, I realized I really enjoyed working with students to teach them how to golf.

I have worked with children and juniors, boys and girls, ages 6-18.

I have worked with adult men and women of all ages, including many seniors.

The skill levels of students I teach has been varied, from many beginners to intermediate golfers to the advanced golfer.

I am very fond of my LPGA Girls Golf Day, which I will conduct for the 5th year on April 29, 2017.  I work with 20-30 girls from 7-17 during a two hour event where they learn basic golf skills, etiquette, and golf opportunities for girls, while playing fun games.  Refreshments are also provided.  I really enjoy working with the young girls to introduce them to the game of golf.

You want to make sure you and the teacher are a good match.

Patience is a key part of being a good teacher.

The teacher should have knowledge of the golf swing, but also the ability to instruct you at your level, whether beginner or advanced.

Make sure you are motivated with your teacher and you don't come out of a lesson feeling bad about yourself.  That's not what the game is about.

Think about what you really want out of your lessons.

Do you just want to be able to go out with friends to socialize?

Do you have a specific part of your game you want to work on?

Do you have any physical issues, which would impact the way in which your swing?

Do you learn best in a specific way?  For example, telling the instructor you really need to be placed in the position the instructor is telling you about.

Be as specific as you can with your instructor about your needs.   It's also their job to help you get more specific with your needs, also.  Telling them you want to be more consistent is a phrase I often hear, but I then have to ask more questions to determine more specifcs about the term "consistent".

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