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First of all, I listen extremely well to what a student wants.

I do not have any pre-set agendas before meeting a student.

I have high definition camera's to see all of the detail, a launch monitor to verify precise outcome, but we are also able to see ball flight on the range.

I work out of a studio that is truly private.

I have may years of experience which allows me to be very accurate on what I see that needs correction in a golf swing.

My expertise carries over into the short game, where I can teach students how to simplify movement and become more accurate.

PGA Member since 2003.

Meet the Pro: Fernando Martinez has been a top instructor in the Northern Virginia area since 1997. His work as an instructor began with certification at the Nicklaus Academy. He worked two years with the Nicklaus Academy before transferring to Mid-Atlantic Golf in Alexandria. His most recent post was Director of Instruction at Top Golf.

In the past seventeen years Fernando has given literally thousands of golf lessons. He has taught several club champions, a number of Juniors that went on to get golf scholarships and numerous students that went from high 90's to low 70's in an extremely short time frame.

Fernando started playing golf at age 31 and turned PRO in seven years. He has developed extensive knowledge of the golf swing, club fitting and Biomechanics. He is Golf Fitness Certified and fully understands physical limitations in golf. The key factor that has helped Fernando achieve at a high level has been his study of Biomechanics and how to simplify the golf swing by removing all excess moving parts.


• Number one instructor at Mid-Atlantic Golf and Top Golf in Alexandria.

• Selected from hundreds of applicants to head Nicklaus Academy as Lead Instructor/Director of Instruction for the Presidential Golf Club.

• Fernando is married and is the father of two beautiful girls.

Swing Philosophy:

Every golfer should understand their swing, their physical abilities and improve by applying a repeatable movement. The golf swing is really one movement, extremely similar to throwing a ball, hitting a baseball and utilizing bigger muscle parts to control the movement of the golf club. It begins with the proper set up, then understanding a clear intent in pre-swing thoughts and limiting in-swing thoughts. When golfers clear their minds from a hit mentality to a pendulum swing of the golf club magical things happen. It is not necessary to change people's current swing, but to add the proper use of the body from the ground up.

Influenced by: Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, Bob Rotella, countless PGA Teaching Summits, Countless Books, and spending hours with Touring Professionals at Avenel.


"Fernando Martinez was the one of the best instructors to help me become the golfer I am today. When we would work on positions and different elements of the game, we would work on them as one. If something didn’t feel right, we fixed together. The bond I grew with him was one of the best friendships I will ever have. If something wasn’t feeling right, he would always find time to take a look at what was going on. Fernando Martinez is a great teacher of the game of golf, and one of the best feel coaches for the game out there." - Adam Tuttle, Randolph Macon Collegue

“My son and I both took lessons from Fernando. I have one complaint about his work. My son went out afterward and hit a 370 yard drive in the air (wet ground, no roll) which is longer by at least 40 yards than anything I have ever hit in my life. He is now hooked on golf and I may never be able to beat him again. I plan to come and take more lessons to make up some ground from the best instructor, bar none, that I have ever had in golf instruction.” - Richard

“My husband gave me a series of five golf lessons with Fernando for my birthday. What a terrific present! I am hitting the ball longer, straighter and feel more confident. My game has noticeably improved.” - Lois D. Alexandria, VA

“Fernando helps me to understand the mechanics of golf swing and to relax. As a result, I am hitting the balls consistently longer and straighter.” - KP, Springfield, VA

“For two years I watched Fernando work with young and old, male and female, beginners and accomplished golfers. I then decided to take my first lesson and after only my first lesson wished I had not wasted those two years! Although I have moved from Virginia I still rely on his advice and when back in the area try to catch up with him.” - Tom C., Tennessee

“My first choice for golf instruction is Fernando Martinez. Whether a beginner or an experienced player looking to address specific club and swing issues, Fernando is the professional to call.” - Gary M. Alexandria, VA

“After a 40- year layoff, I needed to get the basics right this time. Fernando has been the perfect tutor to identify old bad habits and reset my mechanics and techniques. I am well along the way to a satisfying golfing experience.” - Bill C., Alexandria, VA

“I was very hesitant in taking golf lessons but I’m glad I did. Even though I only spent a few hours under his instruction- I know that I am a better golfer after learning from Fernando. Fernando is a true professional who understands the game. I would recommend him to family and friends for golf lessons. I look forward to seeing him on the golf course.” - Jose Garza, Alexandria, VA

“Fernando did an amazing job working with my teenage daughter and I. He clearly knows the intricacies of golf which is very helpful. But his greatest skill is his ability to enable his students, at all levels, to perform well on the course and appreciate the mechanics of the sport.” - Kate and Mike Z., Alexandria, VA

“Until I took lessons from Fernando, I was hopelessly trying to play golf without any success. Fernando started with the fundamentals and taught me how to develop my swing. As a professional, he knows the game which he masterfully applies to his instruction. Taking lessons from Fernando enabled me to improve my game, raise my confidence, and lower my handicap. I now have a chance to finish in 80s (as opposed to over 120s a few months ago!). I strongly recommend Fernando to anyone, regardless of skill level.”

For over 21 years I have been making golfers better in Norther Virginia.

I love to work with people within their golf abilities.

People generally do not know how to use the lower body in the golf swing. I can help anyone willing to put in the work.


Hired 1 time
15 years in business
Serves Clifton , VA

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    T.J. K.

    “Fernando is the best — plain and simple. I’ve taken multiple lessons with multiple different instructors. Some place a heavy emphasis on the technical aspects while others emphasize the theoretical and mental aspects of the game. But Fernando mixes in a perfect blend of everything. You’ll hear people say “let the club do the work” or “it’s all in the hips,” and Fernando will communicate these as well, but more importantly, he’ll show you how to let the club do the work or how to let the hips move.
    The bottom line is: If you want to shave off double-digit strokes from your round, hire Fernando.”
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    October 23, 2018

    Charles S.

    I am a senior golfer who has returned to the game after more than a ten year hiatus. I was not making any progress practicing on my own, so I signed up for a block of 10 lessons from Fernando Martinez. I am about half way through that block of lessons and have seen significant improvement in all facets of my game play. I especially like the patience with which Fernando takes the time to explain the rationale behind a particular move or technique. His emphasis is always on teaching the student to execute properly for long term improvement, not some quick-fix move that will eventually result in some another defect appearing in one’s game. His lessons are definitely worth the investment in time and money.
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    October 23, 2018

    Avi B.

    I have been taking lessons with Fernando for almost 4 yrs now and he has helped really improve my game.. I appreciate his sticking to the right method vs adapting to my incorrect technique. Very good in explaining the physics of the different aspects of the swing, grip etc.
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    September 19, 2017

    Carolyn B.

    Ive been working with Fernando on a limited basis for about 3 years. Primarily on full swing, but also had a lesson on putting. A guy once told me improving in golf isnt about hitting a great shot, but decreasing the number of bad ones. With Fernando Ive definitely been getting more consistent with my game and know I can do better with more practice - gosh this game requires practice! Hes good at explaining the physics of it so if your swing gets off you can use that knowledge to try to correct it. Better yet he can show you by recording your swing and showing you the replay in slow motion! This helps in understanding the target motion. Looking forward to getting even better with more lessons.
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    September 18, 2017

    Dave B.

    Fernando is an excellent instructor, knowledgeable and patient. He can help you with all aspects of your game, from beginners to advanced. He is able to analyze your swing for flaws and mechanical breakdowns and provide guidance and instant remedies for fundamental breakdowns to include alignment, stance, grip, posture, follow-through and more. Most of all, Fernando is a caring person and takes tremendous pride in helping his students improve.
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    September 08, 2017

    Ryan A.

    Fernando is a great and very patient instructor. He breaks the golf swing down into simple to understand mechanics which has really improved the consistency in my ball striking.
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    September 07, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    After good discussion, I record a students swing from the front and the back. Then, I proceed to go over every part of the swing. I key in on all elements having an impact on the students shots. I cover grip, stance, posture, distance from the ball, ball position, take away of the club, swing plane back and swing plane down. Also, check impact positions, body, club face etc... 

    Following all of the details, I form an action plan that will benefit the student. I will assign drills and things to work on for the next lesson.

    Received PGA Certification in 2003.

    Have learned from some of the best instructors in the industry, David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Jim Mclean.

    Have attended workshops yearly in different parts of the country learning all of the latest teaching techniques.

    Have attended numerous Teaching Summits, Player Golf Schools, learning semminars and talks from the brightest minds in golf.

    My standard pricing is as follows:

    1 hour $125

    3 hours $325

    5 hours $475

    10 hours $850

    15 hours $1149

    I got started Teaching after passing the Players ability Test given by the PGA in 1997. Shot 72-75 in my two rounds. Was hired shortly after by Nicklaus Academy in Maryland.

    I went to work for a Golf Store in 1996, and found that majority of people buying golf clubs required some level of instruction in order to make a better selection in golf clubs.

    One particular day, I was approached by management requesting my help with golf instruction for students coming in that afternoon. I aggreed and the rest is History. I have teaching the game ever since!

    Since the beginning, I have worked with all level of players. From beginners to advanced players. I have done hundreds of group lessons.

    I have helped a number of players get College Scholarships.

    I have worked with some tour players (with the Raspeberry Golf Academy).

    Recently helped a High player play position one and two for his golf team.

    Had at least 5 players shoot in the 70's in 2018, that had not broken 80 before and some had not broken 90.

    I think its important to choose someone with a lot of experience teaching the game of golf. Someone that has very strong communication skills, has a great deal of patience and is willing to explain issues until the student understands.

    What are the goals you plan to achieve?

    What should your expectation be after taking lessons?

    What skills will have to be learned in order to play golf at a higher level?

    Will you have to change everything you do currently?

    Will the clubs I currently play with work for me?

    Will I training both indorrs and out?

    Can the coach help me on the golf course?

    Can the coach fix all swing faults?

    Services offered