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Sang Hwang Director of Student Development Originally from the Northern Virginia area, I was the First Assistant at Fauquier Springs Country Club in the late 1990s. After getting married at Raspberry Farms in Leesburg, he and his wife Mary moved to South Florida in 1999 where he played in several mini-tour events. Over the last 12 years, became a father of two and have turned my focus more towards teaching golf and growing the game. As one of the senior instructors at BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a top 100 private club in the country, I taught and developed juniors, beginners, accomplished juniors, and touring professionals at BallenIsles Country Club. Along with my playing skills where Sang I earned several top 10 finishes in the South Florida mini tours, he has developed several accomplished juniors who are now ranked in the AJGA. He has sculpted beginner junior golfers into nationally ranked golfers who have received college scholarships. I have been awarded the 2011 and 2012 U.S. Kids Top 50 Teachers Honorable Mention. I worked with touring professionals who made it to third stage Qualifying School for the LPGA.My Emphasis I like to emphasize a certain principle that’s been very effective for me. Pre-swing preparation is the secret to success. My feeling is you can’t play great golf without one. I believe in learning the swing with the impact position first and achieving balance throughout the swing is the key to success in the golf swing. Integrating mental, physical, technical, and course management principles into my instruction to all students has made me unique and popular with all level of students. Short game improvement is the key to lowering your score. Quick recognition on what area of the student’s golf swing to work on is another skill I have developed with the 18 plus years of experience I have under my belt. Over the course of studying how the body works biomechanically, physiologically, and kinesthetically, I have been able to create a language within traditional teaching methodology that I believe sets my instruction apart. I am a great believer in the use of technology. Over the last ten years, using the JC Video Swing Analysis System or Swing View Pro, has helped me and the student reinforce and aid the learning process. I recognize that everyone isn’t made the same, and I am always looking to be more creative in getting the message to the student. Creativity is the key in coming up with anything that will grab a student’s attention.Most importantly, I believe in motivating my students to achieve by being passionate about what I do and letting them know that I care. As an instructor I recognized early on that you should never stop learning. Just like the game of golf, teaching is a never-ending journey. The more you know the better. Never stop asking questions to people who you respect. Breakthroughs with great ideas come from an open mind.Skills & Expertise I use the latest technology to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment and instruction. With my expertise in using the Swing View Pro, JC Video Swing Analysis System, and E-Pro I can concentrate on specific areas of your swing to properly diagnose, analyze, and help meet your golfing goals. In addition, I am a certified professional for Flight Scope Launch monitor which will be used to determine if you are using the clubs that are right for you.Swing View Pro Video Software, JC Video Swing Analysis System, Flight Scope Launch Monitor, Club Fitter for Ping, Titleist, Callaway, 2012 SFPGA Teaching Seminar, Certified US Kids Instructor, K-Vest Certified Level 1 and 2Principles & Methods My goal to my students is to provide consistency by emphasizing certain principles of golf instruction. · Consistency in the result of compatible movement · Pre-swing preparation is the secret to success (90% of in-swing errors are the effect of incorrect pre-swing) · Repeatable Pre-shot Routine · The clubface must be square at impact · The spine and shoulder must be neutral throughout the entire motion; develop a swing motion vs a hitting motion · Shaft must be forwarded leaned at impact · Left wrist flat · Dynamic Impact · Short game improvement · Play the game · Understanding “Self” · 3 secrets to improving your score · Enjoyment · Creating better emotional control · Understanding Rhythm and Tempo · Recognize and create correct muscular tension for optimum consistencyTestimonial #1 I'll start out by saying if you want to build your golf swing and leverage a process grounded in sound fundamentals that is easy to understand, follow, and be fun, look no further than working with Sang. When I first met Sang 2 years ago, I was interested in getting my 6-yr old son lessons that would help him build a sound foundation in learning the game I love. Sang works well with kids and my son will be the first to admit that out of all his coaches he's had to date, Sang is his favorite. He made learning the game fun and used body mechanics that my son has learned through other sports to help him hone his golf swing. After watching Sang work with my son a few times, I decided to take lessons from him as well. At the time, bogey golf was a good round for me and I never thought shooting in the 70's was possible, especially after shoulder and neck surgery earlier this year limited my motion. I knew my faults, limitations, and didn't have a good process to self-evaluate or improve my swing.We started with basic concepts and Sang emphasized building a repeatable process to practice and strengthen my "inner coach" when evaluating my game. His short game combine is a great evaluation process if you want to know how good you really are. From there, we worked on re-training how I approach the game, how I approach practice, and how I approach the swing in different situations. The process has been fun and the results are noticeable. My ultimate golf goal was to break 80 and be more consistent. At my last session, I told Sang that those goals needed to change significantly. This year, I've broken 80 a number times, I currently hold a single digit handicap, and my now 8-yr old and I won our Father-Son tournament at our club in an alternate shot format. Several weeks ago I played 9 holes from the tips at my club with the club champion and shot 4-over; I have no fear in playing 450+ yd Par 4's or 550+ yd Par 5's. Distance, accuracy, and consistency with any club in my hand leads to confidence in my game all from trusting the process and not focusing on immediate results or scores. While I may have met my "ultimate" goals in golf, I know I'm still learning how to play this game to my full potential. I also know that when my inner coach starts to lose his way, then I can check back with Sang to keep me focused and validate my process for improvement. --Rick SacbibitTestimonial #2 “It is my honor to write this recommendation letter for Sang Hwang, my Assistant Golf Professional, at BallenIsles Country Club. Sang is what I would consider an “unsung hero” in the junior golf world. I have spent the past year assessing the current status of our golf programs in order to take us from being good to outstanding and award winning. One area that was already excellent was our junior golf program and its instructors. Sang is our junior golf leader and is very well respected by our membership for what he does for beginner, immediate, and advanced juniors. His positive attitude, smile, and big heart are what make the juniors want to be around Sang all of the time. Sang has created beginner junior golfers, into nationally ranked golfers who have received college scholarships as a result of being coached by Sang. There is one event that has really elevated Sang’s status in the junior golf world. This summer, I sat down with Sang and the other golf professionals in order to brainstorm ways that we could grow the game and give back to juniors. We came up with what we called the BallenIsles Junior Cup. In six quick weeks, Sang utilized his personal contacts that he coached and put together 24 local elite junior players to play in a two-day Ryder Cup style format event. We were able to receive a full sponsorship by Cleveland Golf in which all participants received a golf bag, shirts, hats, golf balls, back pack, and Cleveland 588 wedge complimentary! The event quickly became nationally recognized in magazines, local TV programs, You Tube, and the BallenIsles Junior Cup photo was event shown in New York City on one of the largest flat screen TV’s in the world! We could not have pulled off this event without Sang!” – Brian Kelley, PGATestimonial #3 “I take great pleasure in highly recommending Sang as a wonderful ambassador for golf to the many youngsters he has taught and mentored during the 10+ years I have known him. He has organized and managed a very successful, comprehensive junior golf program at my club, BallenIsles Country Club, and it is one of the most popular activities here for children and grandchildren of the membership. The program accommodates children of all ages and levels of experience. Their lessons, clinics and the tournaments he organizes cover not only the skills necessary to play the game of golf but also emphasize proper golf etiquette and safety, respect for the game and care of the golf course. He is very experienced in the use of computer and video equipment when appropriate to use.Sang’s approach to teaching golf skills to youngsters is quite successful as evidenced by the results I have observed. My two grandsons began lessons with Sang at ages four and five respectively, and they have both developed golf abilities much beyond what I would have initially anticipated. Most important is the fact that Sang makes their lessons and clinics fun and enjoyable. I have witnessed the same when Sang has interacted with and taught other children and their parents and grandparents with whom I have spoken have nothing but the best to say about him. I have also observed Sang with older children, and his approach with them is, of course, at a more mature level. Some of them have progressed to the extent that careers in golf would seem quite likely. It is my opinion that you could not select a finer teaching instructor.” – Vaughn Cohan, M.D.

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