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I have the luxury of time on my hands. Many people are not so fortunate. With that it allows my to dedicate more or less time to each student as necessary to best fit their needs.

As I'm a new musical instructor my price range is low, and my love for music and sharing knowledge with others keeps it there.

Everything. From start to finish the process of instruction is very fulfilling. Developing a lesson plan for eaach student adds an element of surprise. Not only do the students learn from me, but I in turn learn more about how to provide the best learing experience.

As a student progresses you can see the excitement and intense focus increasing. when a student can hear/see themselves progress there's a sense of accomplishment that washes over them. A students success is my happiness.


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    Dan D.

    Juan is down to earth. Very patient and easy to work with. Oh, dont forget he is fun and answers all of your questions. Sometimes even before you can ask them. We get a little carried away with the lesson sometimes and he lets it go longer and never has he cut a lesson short. Good time with Juan. I highly recommend him for a guitar, bass or piano lesson. Did I say he charges way lower than the other teachers? Check him out.
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    August 20, 2019
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    Frequently asked questions

    Everyone learns differently. As such, each student will receive a short survey 1 week prior to the first lesson. This will help me tailor your learning experience to you.

         Music has been a passion of mine all of my life. Over the course of my early years (7-14 years old) I sang as part of a Gospel Choir in New York.

         After relocating to Everett Washington, I began learning to play multiple instruments; drums, guitar, bass and piano (14-18 years old). During the same period of time I sang and played drums as part of a Jazz ensemble (Del Sonics) at Cascade High school.

         Through the years leading up to 2012 I spent much of my time in the military at Ft. Campbell (TN) and had little time for music, however, the time I did have I spent playing with a two separate cover bands (not during the same period). The genres for each band ranged from acoustic ballads and top 100 rock hits, to heavy and alternative metal.

         From 2012 to present I'd performed live in three separate bands: PYP (2012-2014), Blue Helix (2014-2016), End Status (2016-present).

    After retireing from the military in 2017 I began to study music more methodically, reading multiple books on music theory, bass method, piano theory and technique. I've also completed music theory and stagecraft courses at pierce community college to further enhance my learning.

    I love music. And if you're reading this, you have a love for music as well. Sometimes it's the case that people have an interest rather than a love for, and that's completely understandable.

    As such, people wanting to at least get their 'feet wet' would get the first lesson free. After which:

    For teenagers and adults (13+): lessons start at $20 per session, with each session beginning at 45 minutes, with the time increasing as needed for the student.

    For Children (12 and under): lessons start at $10 per session, with each session at 30 minutes.

    As skill level and interest improves the amount of time spent per session may increase (this does not necessarily mean that the price will increase).

    I first started teaching while I was in the military in 2009. Initially I'd taught military customs, courtesies and tactics to soldiers (4 years). Over time I bagan to instruct physical fitness and obstacle course training (3 years).

    from that period onward I focused on learning and performing music in both live and studio sessions, in order to gain confidence and knowledge in bass and piano, as well as stage confidence.

    I'm new to instructing music specifically, however through the time I've spent interacting, advising and teaching people over the course of my adult life, and my passion for music I believe I can provide any student with good foundational knowledge, and assist each student in achieving their musical goals.

    Mainly Adults from 18-35.

    I have a great deal of patience for children who have an interest in music. A child performing musical numbers and even writing motifs brings a smile to my face every time. I've worked with students a handful of times in a formal setting and would feel confident in teaching children and teenagers from ages 10-17.

    For any children under the age of 10, lessons would remain at 30 minutes

    When preparing for your first lesson, there are a few questions you should be able to answer right away:

    1) Why? - What is it that motivates you to learn how to play an instrument?

    2) What do you want to get from your learning experience?

    3) What are your musical/professional goals? write your own songs, learn to play your favorite songs, learn to improvise, play in a band/ensemble, etc.

    4) Do you have the time? Music is fun. I'm very flexible with how much time each student needs, however if you don't dedicate the time (outside of instruction) to rehearsing/practicing what you've learned you won't get anywhere.

    Services offered

    Bass Guitar
    Music Theory