How much do drum lessons cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much do drum lessons cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much do drum lessons cost?

$50 – $75cost per hour (private)
$190 – $340cost per month (4 – 5 prepaid lesson discount)

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$50 – $75 cost per hour (private)

$190 – $340 cost per month (4 – 5 prepaid lesson discount)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Drum lessons cost

Drum lessons cost $30 to $75 per session on average. Private drum lessons cost $50 to $75 per hour. Monthly drum lesson packages cost $190 to $340 for 4 to 5 lessons. Group drum lessons cost $20 to $40 per session. Online drum lessons cost $40 to $60 per hour.

Drum lessons cost
Lesson length Average cost*
30 minutes $30 – $45
45 minutes $40 – $60
60 minutes $50 – $75

*Based on private lessons in person.

Drum set
Drum set
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Cost of drum lessons by type

Private drum lessons cost

Private in-person drum lessons cost $50 to $75 per hour. Drum lessons cost $190 to $340 per month for 4 to 5 private classes. Having a local teacher sitting by the student has many benefits, like more in-depth instructions on hand positions, posture, and timing.

Group drum lesson prices

Group drum lessons cost $20 to $40 per session. Drum classes with a group of 2 to 4+ students prepare pupils to play in public. Plus, forming encouraging relationships with other drummers motivates people to keep learning.

Cost for online drum lessons

Online drum lessons cost $40 to $60 per hour. This option allows students to avoid carrying their drum set to lessons or practicing on someone else's drums in a studio. A wider variety of drum teachers online lets students learn any drumming style they like.

In comparison, most online music lessons cost $35 to $70 per hour to learn how to play other instruments.

A teacher giving drum lessons to a student.
A teacher giving drum lessons to a student.

Drum lesson considerations

Cost factors vary when learning to play drums:

  • Single vs. recurring rates – Drum lessons scheduled on a monthly, semester, or ongoing basis often get a discount of 5% to 10%, offering a considerable saving compared to one-off lessons.

  • Lesson customization – Specifically tailoring a course for unique musical styles will come with a higher price tag because of time spent personalizing the curriculum.

  • Length & frequency – The tuition fee structure varies by the class length, ranging from half an hour to a full hour.

  • Instructor's expertise – In the realm of music education, the rates for instructors with professional experience and superior skills are higher. Advanced students tend to require teachers who are in high demand with premium rates.

  • Geographic location – Urban areas, known for their heightened living expenses, typically have more expensive tuition rates compared to suburbs.

  • Books and materials – Sheet music and instructional books cost $30 to $80 per year. Prices vary for additional equipment like stands.

  • Drum rental – Music stores often rent drums for $35 to $140 per month for most 4- to 5-piece sets.

  • Instrument type – A drum set for a child starts at $125 to $400. Buying a new drum kit costs $500 to $5,000 on average for sets with up to seven pieces.

  • Maintenance – Drum skin replacement costs $25 to $100 annually.

Other music lessons

Other music lessons to choose from include:

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Drum lessons FAQs

Are drum lessons worth it?

Drum lessons are worth it for those with dedicated goals to play professionally or in public. Each session refines your technique and builds good playing habits. An experienced teacher can give personalized feedback to develop a student's talents.

How much do drum lessons cost at Guitar Center?

Guitar Center drum lessons cost $100 to $280 per month for weekly sessions, depending on the location and length. Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long and available either in-person or online. A first-time registration fee of $30 also applies.

How long are drum lessons?

Drum lessons are typically 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the student's skill level and age. Short lessons help beginner students develop more concentration gradually and build stamina for longer lessons later.

How many drum lessons do you need?

You need weekly drum lessons for 6 months to 1 year to learn to play simple songs. Most people need 2 to 5 years of lessons before auditioning or playing professionally. These time periods vary according to your current skills and practice schedule.

What's the right age to start drum lessons?

The right age to start drum lessons is 6 to 9 years old. Younger children can start by learning to play only one drum. To play a full drum kit, a child must be able to reach the foot pedals while seated and focus for long periods of time.

Adults can start drum lessons at any time.

Where do you take drum lessons?

You can take drum lessons from private tutors at:

  • Private music schools

  • Music stores that sell a variety of instruments

  • Community colleges

  • Public schools with a large music department

  • Online coaching

Getting estimates from drum teachers

Before hiring a drum teacher near you, be sure to:

  • Look at what's available from the price lists of at least three drum teachers.

  • Read their reviews on Lessons and Google.

  • Get a list of references from their students.

  • Ask other parents if the teacher has a good reputation with children.

  • Request a written contract and schedule before the first lesson.

  • Wait until after your first session to confirm the teacher suits you before paying for a month of lessons.

Questions to ask

Use the following questions to choose the best drum teacher:

  • How long have you been teaching drums?

  • What music degrees do you have?

  • Which age groups do you teach?

  • Do you offer a free trial lesson?

  • What type of drum should I buy if I don't have one at home to practice?

  • How often do you recommend I practice between our sessions?

  • Can you suggest where to find used textbooks to help me learn?

  • Will you assign homework like memorizing drum sequences?

  • Can you tailor your teaching style to accommodate the way I learn?

  • How long does a class usually run?

  • What should I bring along to the classes?

  • How many different drum styles or music genres are you an expert in?

  • Can I have a copy of the schedule, our agreement, and the payment terms?

  • What happens if I cancel a class because of an emergency?

  • Am I able to choose some of my favorite songs to learn on the drums?