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Offers online services
Offers online services


Created from the original members of Elektrolytes Dance Crew, the winners of America’s Best Dance Crew season 7 on MTV, Elektro Dance Academy was created to help catapult the next generation of dancers into their dance careers! With top-tier loving and caring teachers, Elektro Dance Academy stands out from the rest. Teachers, Directors, and even the owners not only continue to work professionally creating pathways within the professional dance industry, but they also train right alongside the members of Elektro Dance Academy. Elektro Dance Academy works with professional choreographers from LA and other parts of the country to help provide a variety of dance styles, industry professionalism, and perspective in today's dance and social climate.

Elektro Dance Academy focuses on foundational hip hop, industry-style choreography (both Hip Hop and Contemporary), technical styles such as ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, team competitions, showcases, and professional gigs. Elektro Dance Academy also makes room for video projects and work/train programs for those looking to further their knowledge in creating choreography and hone their teaching skills.

Elektro is a family-owned business and we pride ourselves on making our family bigger. A bigger family means more people to support you and your dreams. Amongst many of our mottos, one of our most important is “One Mind. One Soul. One Family." At Elektro, you will always be welcomed and treated like family.

At Elektro, we enjoy teaching people how to find their own brand of movement while also helping them learn to retain and apply movement created by other dancers. Moreover, it brings us joy to dance and create. At the core of everything, the joy of sharing an experience is why we love to dance and love the work that it comes with.


20 employees
14 years in business
Serves Mesa , AZ
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Learning Process

    1. What do you want? As a studio, it is important to us that we know what is important to you. Learning your personal "Why"  or "goal" helps us understand how much "push" you want from our studio. Some People have the goal of become a professional dancer. Therefore, we'll give you professional industry training. However, some people just want to have fun and stay in shape which is a great goal as well.

    2. What are you looking for? Students come to our studio for many reasons. Some want to train to become a better dancers so we give them dance training drills and exercises (both creactively and physical). Sometimes students will come to us for choreography training or to be a part of competing choreography teams. Whether its for a perfromance, talent show, learning to create choreography, retention training, or choreogpahy we'll always make sure to meet the needs of our members and students. Lastly, dance can be an exercise in it of itself. If you're looking to stay fit, there are many combonations of moves that will keep the blood pumpin and make you sweat! In that case we would shift our lesson model to incorperate strength and cardio training through dance. 

    Elektrolytes Dance Crew. 1st place in the nation at Hip Hop International, 7th place in the world at Hip Hop International. MTV's America's Best Dance Crew (season 7 Champs and season 8 runners up), Disney Channel’s Shake it Up, 1st in Dance 2 Dance San Diego, Dance to Dance Switzerland, XIII Latin Grammy performance, in Vail, Colorado, Lagos, Nigeria, and London, England. Elektro has worked with Rosero McCoy, Scotty Nguyen, World Dance Management, Beau 'Casper' Smart, Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo. Teachers such as Melvin Timtim, Sophia Lucia, Kalani Hilliker frequent Elektro Dance Academy. Elektro Dance Academy Mesa, AZ, (Elektro Crew, Elektro Elite, The Rise, & Elektrobotz) World of Dance seasons 2,3, and 4.

    Teachers on staff are well versed in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and ballroom. Combine with professional experience and dance education from Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community college, Elektro Dance Academy's teaching staff is a force to be reckoned with

    Payments can be made with one of the following:


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    Debit card//Apple pay// at the front desk


    - take and drop in class for $10


    - $15 per drop in class

    For Teams/ dance company prices please contact the studio phone number or email


    [email protected]

    Elektrolytes Dance Crew won a TV show on Mtv called "America's Best Dance Crew" in 2012 and from their local and national recognition began to accumulate. Soon after, The Elektrolytes decided to go into the dance training and dance competition business. Elektrolytes morphed from an 8 man group to a 40 person hip hop mega crew competiting nationally and dominating! From there, a full training facility was born incoperating ballet, jazz technique, contemporary, and modern dance as well as competing teams in those catagories. Now widlely know as Elektro Dance Academy.

    Elektro has worked all kinds of students and members. Pre-professional, Professional, novice, adept, young, old, and those looking for a good time!

    Elektro Dance academy was highlighted in Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine as one of the best dance studios in Gilbert, AZ.


    Our advice would be to look for someone that is going to push you. A dance teacher is much like a coach that encourages you to keep going. Look for someone who is patient with you and understanding what you want and pushes you towards that goal. Don't be afraid to ask tough questions. Their answers will give you insight into their professional training and experience.

    "Why am I doing this?"

    "What do I want?"

    "How do I reach my goal?"

    "What am I comfortable with?"

    "keeping my integrity, am I willing to go outside of my comfort zone to achieve my goal?"

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