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Ken DeHart Tennis Lessons

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I am a Master Professional in the PTR & USPTA (Teaching Pro Organizations), and a USA High Performance Coach.

I travel around the world and train other coaches in how to use Games and Drills to teach strategy and tactics. I specialize in how to make learning and improving in tennis can be "common sense" and easy to remember. You receive a written review of the lesson and periodic video capture of your lesson.

I have been teaching around the USA for 40 years and I have been PTR International Teaching Pro of the Year twice and USPTA Divisional Pro of the Year 4 times.

Contact me and let's get you started with those professional swings!

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  • Stephen Philip

    I have had lessons from Ken for at least 10 years. My goal has always been to be a better tennis than I was 5 years earlier eg better at 45 than 40, 50 than 45, 55 than 50. As the body wears this can only be done via better technique as Ken is constantly working on my technique, from release forehand to making my left hand more dominant on my double-handed backhand. Ken has kept me playing and getting back quickly after 2 spinal surgeries and tearing ligaments in my right hand, he even taught me to play left handed. Ken is also now a good friend, we ask for and give each other advise on everything under the sun.

  • Angela Steen

    I loved taking lessons from Ken! He taught us how to improve our skills and enjoy it at the same time! I haven't been able to attend his clinics for some time but I would return in a heartbeat if possible!

  • Julie Hawkes

    Ken, like most tennis pros, makes clinics and lessons fun as well as challenging. And he often has drop-in clinics for up to 20-30 people which he somehow keeps organized. But, I've never had a tennis lesson or clinic from anyone like Ken, who observes each individual's specific challenges to work on and remembers them the next time they show up. My team once took lessons from Ken before we went to playoffs, and after my 15-year layoff from tennis, Ken remembered my name when I suddenly walked on the court at another club where he was then teaching! He fixed my forehand and got me back playing again...he's the ultimate professional, and always shows a positive attitude towards his students. He also thinks about every aspect of the game, both mental and physical, strategic, different situations, etc., so he can help students develop into the best they can be. He's absolutely the best there is!

  • Philipp Perepelitsky

    I've been working with Ken for about 20 years, since I was about 12 years old. Ken is without a doubt the best tennis coach I've ever had and he is one of the best teachers and mentors that I've had in any discipline. Here are some specific things that make Ken a great tennis coach: 1. He will immediately pinpoint what technical mistakes you are making in your strokes down to the smallest detail: Maybe you are not following through correctly, or you're on the wrong foot when you hit, or you have the wrong grip, or your body is turned the wrong way, or you swing on your volleys, or your motion on your strokes needs to be corrected, or your toss is off, etc. Whatever technical improvements need to be made, Ken will immediately pinpoint them and tell you how to correct them. He has a master eye developed over decades of having taught over a thousand students and so he will immediately see what others might not see at all. It might be something small you are not even aware of, and once you correct it can make all of the difference in your game. I've seen people improve after just one lesson with Ken, for just this reason. 2. Ken will explain to you how to correct your mistakes in a way that will "click." The importance of this cannot be overstated. Some coaches can tell you what you did wrong, but they can't explain how to improve it. If they try one approach and the student keeps repeating the same mistake, they will stubbornly continue to repeat the same thing, leading to frustration for the student and the coach. Ken has an arsenal of analogies and visual aids and ways to explain things that he has developed over the years. Are you an auditory learner? Are you a visual learner? Ken will explain things to you from all sorts of different perspectives until something in your mind clicks and you understand how to correct the mistake that you've been making. 3. Ken has hundreds of drills and games that he has developed and refined down to a science over years of training thousands of students. Each drill will help you develop and improve a distinct skill, and each game will be designed to reinforce the skill in a competitive environment (where it actually counts). Every great athlete will tell you the exact same thing: practice in the same competitive environment in which you are expected to perform in a match or tournament. The vast collection of drills and games that Ken has developed accomplish just that: the drill develops the skill, and then the game reinforces the skill in a competitive environment so it will not break down in a match. 4. Ken will train the mental aspect of your game, not just the physical. When I was a younger, for a long time I had a problem of losing to weaker players. These are people that didn't have as good a game as me, but for some reason, when it came down to beating them in a match, I couldn't get the job done. Ken made me see that it wasn't the weaker players that were beating me, but that I was beating myself. He taught me how to play "high-percentage tennis" and to not beat myself. He also taught me how to be mentally tough and "defeat the monsters in my mind." This means that you can block out external distractions and what other people are doing or thinking, or the possibility of losing, and focus on what you need to do to have a successful result. 5. There are many intangibles in the game of tennis that don't come down to how to hit a forehand. Ken explained to me that a huge part of your game is not about hitting the ball at all, it's about footwork. Did you know that the pros take 10-12 steps between shots? Most club players only take 3-4. It's realizations like these that most teaching pros have no clue about, but they make a huge difference in your game and your results. 6. Tennis strategy: Should your approach shot be topspin or slice? Should you serve out wide or up the line? To the forehand or to the backhand? You hit a short approach shot, should your subsequent volley be short or deep? When is a good time to change the direction of the ball? Should you hit hard flat balls or high loopy balls? Where should you stand in doubles? When is a good time to poach? You will not guess the answers to all of these questions and many other tennis strategy questions on your own. You need someone like Ken who has years of experience and is deeply knowledgeable about the game to guide you on what to do in these and other situations that will arise during the course of a match. 7. Positive energy: Ken has amazing positive energy. He will never criticize you in a negative way. All of his instruction is positive and constructive. He makes tennis exciting and fun. He will make you feel good about the game of tennis and make you feel good about yourself. He has been a mentor of mine for many years, and many of the things he says are applicable to other aspects of your work and life, not just tennis. I leave every training session with Ken feeling positive and uplifted.

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