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Jacob Louis Theatre, Film And Television Performance School

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Solid and proven expertise in the teaching of acting for all performance mediums. Jacob brings a rare and personal connection into the craft and industry. With an M.F.A in Acting from UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, A Teaching Certificate in Theatre for K-12 with 8 years of teaching experience as a public school teacher and 2 at a university level. The quality of your education would be hard met to surpass.

Jacob is also a member of actors equity union as well as the recipient of various awards including the Hollywood Foreign Press Acting scholarship, the Jack Nicholson Acting scholarship, and the Hugh Downs Acting for Television scholarship. Jacob was also awarded the Teacher of the Year Award in 2016 at Marietta High School in Marietta, Ga.

Jacob has taught over 1700 students personally and has facilitated many acting showcases for students to go on to be represented in the top five agencies on Broadway in New York.

If you are an artist then you have no choice but to create. There are so many performers out there that simply want fame and treat the craft of acting as a sprint.To them it is all about the hustle to the next big gig or higher numbers on their social media platforms... and money. The greatest gift I get as a teacher is that I have worked hard to financially sustain myself to not need another job or another lesson and my students that I select reap from this benefit.

When the student finally sees acting as a marathon that should last until his/her age well into their 90's and that they truly do have time... That realization is the joy that fulfills me. You act because you have to. There is nothing else in this world that fulfills you and that you will always be in some sort of class or creative perorfmance. Gigs, unions, representation will all come to those that are good at the small details and have a great foundation of acting. Physically, mentally, spiritually and creatively.


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    Wilson L.

    Dang! I learned so much about this industry and how exactly it works with Jacobs Career guide. He was really helpful and made sure all my questions were answered and now have an actual guide to follow to hold myself responsible to achieving my goals. This guy is the real deal. thank you for the opportunity and will be signing up for one on one classes!
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    August 13, 2020


    Jnaomi H.

    I took Acting Fundamentals with Jacob online and was so engaged. I felt pretty bum with covid but I have learned how much now is the time to learn and grow my skills. He fully cares and is invested in my craft. Def in the top 2 teachers Ive ever had.
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    August 11, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Clarity. Although lessons.com does show me what the student is interested in. I find the more detailed of what you are looking for the better. Acting lessons is way too broad. What is it that you want out of this? Goals that can be accomplished and measured in 3 months. Our time is so much more valuable than money so if we are a match then I create a tailored plan depending on the level of the student and what they desire to see from themselves.

    Quite extensive. An M.F.A in Acting from UCLA and an active K-12 Teaching Cert. If you look under about me on the site you will find my degree details but in the end it is experience that makes me stand out. Experience as a teacher and as a full-time paid working actor.

    All lessons and classes are currently on ZOOM and IN-PERSON.

    Visit: https://jacob-louis.square.site/jl-acting-studio

    for Price and class details.

    Both my parents were educators and was ingrained on the importance of education and the pursuit of it. I taught informally with students on my own since the age of 13 all the way until college. I doubled majored in Acting and Theatre Education for my undergraduate at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

    Talented and experienced to the very beginning road of acting. The key element would be a self-driven force and desire to better themselves.

    Do your research and makes sure you invest in what they have done. You very much get what you pay for in this industry. Always demand for absolute clarity before agreeing to a teacher student partnership. I take my role very seriously and commit way outside of the physical time we meet. Make sure you select a teacher who has you and your work on their mind outside of class.This is evident in the quality of material given to you to memorize and work with. Something you can actually book with.

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