Desean Terry Acting Lessons

Desean Terry Acting Lessons

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I am a graduate of Juilliard, considered by many to be the top drama school in the country. In addition, I am a working actor with over 20 years of experience. I teach for one of the top 5 acting schools in Los Angeles.


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Michael S.

Every single class I am challenged. Every single class I grow. I feel so lucky that Desean knows my personal progress as an actor and is always pushing me to a deeper level in my acting. He challenges me by recommending amazing plays/content that I would have never known. Ive had teachers in the past tell me Youll figure it out. That has never happened to me here. Desean cares so much about his students! He goes the extra mile to make sure you understand everything and always answers emails/phone calls. I would have never grown or achieved this much as an actor if I didnt have Desean teaching me!! He is amazing! The type of acting Desean teaches you translates so beautifully on film and in your auditions! I have worked in a casting office and seen actors who dont have a big name that stand out because theyre bringing something imaginatively on another level in their choices. I can say most acting studios arent aware of this and do not teach this. Desean teaches this 100% and push me towards this every single class!
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April 20, 2017


Chdra T.

Desean is truly one of a kind! He has a gift of recognizing your potential and creating a customized path to get you closer to your potential than ever before. Desean is genuine, passionate, fearless, hilarious, sincere, and selfless. Once you have this combination, you not only have an amazing human being, you have an extraordinary acting coach. He observed bad habits that past coaches have never noticed and I have improved immensely. Since working with Desean, Ive gained a new respect for acting, confidence, power, new tools, and so much more! Ive learned so much from Desean and Ive learned even more about myself as a actor. I now know how to peel away a plethora of layers and truly get to the core of my process work. There is something miraculous about constantly discovering things within you that were once dead now being awaken. I am extremely grateful to have Desean as my acting coach and its always a pleasure working with him.
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April 17, 2017


James N.

I have coached with Desean for a number of years. He is a fantastic teacher. Whenever I work with Desean he is critical, but encouraging. I can honestly say that I do my best work whenever I work him. Beyond his tremendous skill set, he really knows to to speak to the individual actor.
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April 12, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I first need to find out what inspires you.  Why do you want to act?  One of the first things one should learn about this industry is that there is no right answer.  People will constantly try to tell you what you must, or must not, do.  Of course, this is goo, and bad, because we tend to like rules.  However, the rule to live by is your inspiration.  What inspires you? Answering, and knowing, the answer to this question is essential before we begin.

I am a graduate of The Juilliard School.

In addition, I have a BA in Theatre from Loyola Marymount Universitly.  In addition, I haveyears of experience as a professional actor, and acting teacher.

My coaching rates are $100/hr.  

I have always been passionate about education.  I began teaching through my teaching mentor, one of the top acting teachers in the country.  It was he that pushed me to teaching, because he found that my ability to communicate the actors problem was clear, concise, and most importantly imaginative.

I have worked with students of all ages and experience levels.  With beginning students, I begin to help them develop a process of working.  With more advance students, our focus moves to making individual choices for auditions and jobs.

I love when my students tell me that they utilized my advice to book jobs.  I am always fond of this.

I think that a lot of acting teachers speak in vague abstract terms.  Acting does not have to be abstract.  It is an art, and it takes time, but what I teach is a very practical and concise way to approach your work.  My intention is for you to become artistically, and imaginatively, engaged with complete understanding of the process.

How hard are you willing to work?  I care less about your talent than your work ethic.  As James Franco says "Passion is a sort of talent itself."  I believe your talent directly affects your passion.

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