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Decades of experience in all aspects of Motion Picture & Theatre production. Started acting at 7 years old. Have directed actors of all experience levels from non-actors to professional Screen Actors Guild members. Have directed for Facebook, Genentech, Google, Intuit, NASA, Roche, Visa, etc., as well as in Hollywood and New York.

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As I'm at a very experienced level in my career (3 decades), I am finding that the most satisfying aspect of my work is mentoring younger people in various aspects of my profession. Having started out as a child actor, I'm eager to return to my roots and work 1-on-1 with aspiring talent.


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    Doug B.

    Passion! Without it you just get the job done. With it, you dream, envision greatness, have fun, excel and exceed. George is a passionate Producer.
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    March 06, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Start with an inventory of your skills, experience, goals & ambitions. Discuss the differences & merits between Method Acting and Traditonal (Technique) Acting. Discuss the differences between acting on stage and for film.

    Topics include:

    • Inside-out vs. outside-in character development. • Voice training & projection. • Movement. • Dramatic structure. • Blocking. • Improvisation. • Monologue prep. • The Actor's job and the role of the Writer and the Director. • Etc.

    Community & professional experience as a stage & film actor from age 7. Experienced Director (producing & directing at the feature film level). Acting and Directing classes at University & Graduate levels.  Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater, Motion Pictures & Television from UCLA.

    $75.00 / hour.

    $50.00 / 1/2 hour.

    Realized in professional career that teaching less experienced workers was the most satisfying aspect of my work at this point in my career.

    Children, Adults, Amateurs, Professionals.

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