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OMChef Plant-Based Chef & Vegan Culinary Coach

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Going vegan or plant-based is one of the most powerful steps towards better health and a healthier planet. But, adopting a vegan or plant-based diet can be challenging, and when not done well can become expensive, unhealthy and generate excessive food waste.

Vegan diets contain no meat, seafood, dairy, or eggs.

Plant-based diets are essentially a Mediterranean diet. This means for some no animal products at all. But for others, a plant-based diet can include small amounts of animal products.

The USA leads the world in food waste, and all that waste creates methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than C02. Learning how to buy and cook properly will save you money and reduce your food carbon footprint.

Food manufacturers are creating 'vegan' products that, unfortunately, are no healthier than their animal food counterparts. The biggest difference between vegan and plant based is plant-based avoids all processed foods, including vegan products. Learning to cook whole-food plant-based means cooking from scratch, thankfully, it's much easier than the food manufacturers would have us believe.

OmChef Method is a low-waste, plant-based system of cooking. Developed over 25 years as a private chef, based on a combination of professional chef techniques and tips and tricks from our great grandmothers.

The OMChef Method is designed to work with ANY diet, from Weight Watchers to Keto, to DASH, to Ornish. Any diet can be made more budget-friendly, plastic-free, and zero food waste with the OMChef Method.

People have come to me inspired to try vegan or plant-based diets for a variety of reasons. For some it is for better health and weight loss, for some it is concern about meat consumption worsening the climate crisis, and for others it's been a health crisis, like cancer. After working with numerous people undergoing chemo treatments I have devised a flexible plant-based diet that is nutritionaly dense, but moist importantly, it is delicious.


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    Jeff H.

    My wife, Kim, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, and our family was devastated. We have two small children, and my wife, who had always been the cook in the family needed me to take over, and somehow also know how to cook for someone on chemo. To say I was freaking out is an understatement. Thankfully, one of my co-workers rescued me. Sheila, my co-worker, had gone through several rounds of chemo in 2016 for breast cancer, and she hired Dev Om Chef to help her through it with a combination of prepared meals and cooking classes. As soon as I spoke with Dev, I began to feel better. For the next several months, Dev prepared nutrient-dense meals for Kim, adjusting every week or two to accommodate her changing needs. And she taught me how to use the OMChef Method of master prep to make healthy but tasty meals for the kids and me in under 30 min, a godsend! As Kims chemo progressed, her taste buds went haywire, her appetite disappeared, and her weight started to drop, but Dev knew what to cook to tempt Kim, and within two weeks, Kims weight was back to normal. Dev also created a freezer inventory for Kim of single-serving dishes she could heat and eat with ease on days when the chemo had exhausted her. Kim is now cancer-free, and our family, thanks to Dev Om Chef, has adopted a plant-based diet to help keep us all cancer-free. Kim and I both cook now, and our oldest, Bret 10, has also jumped on the cooking bandwagon. With Devs OMChef Method, plant-based cooking is fun, quick, and super delicious, the bonus is knowing were also reducing our food carbon-footprint by eating minimal animal foods and not wasting food. Our family is healthier now than ever before.
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    January 08, 2020

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