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Hi! My name is Evangeline and I'm a graduate of the CalArts acting MFA program. I am a faculty member in the Acting department at New York Film Academy. I have taught extensively throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area, in after school programs, summer camps and private homes. My work is based in the idea that the imagination is the actor's best friend, and I focus on enabling my students to engage their fullest creative potential. I also think of acting as highly physical work; my training integrates body, voice and mind to create powerful stage and screen presence. I work with my students to dismantle insecurities and build confidence in all aspects of the craft of acting.

I find it thrilling to enable my students to experience breakthroughs and make discoveries about capabilities they didn't know they had. I always learn when I teach. I take great joy in acting and it is utterly inspiring and enlivening to me to share that gift with others.


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L. G.

Evangeline is specific in her critique and supportive in her approach. :)
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September 25, 2017


Nicholas R.

My sessions with Evangeline are extremely fun and useful. She always helps me get deeper into my body, her intelligence and technique and razor sharp, and I always feel like a smarter actor after working with her. Highly recommended!
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September 15, 2017


Brenna F.

Evangeline is an amazing acting teacher who combines nurturing encouragement with masterful technique. She has a way of describing things that is not only unique, but helps me break through my blocks. Her insight is invaluable. She has an intelligence for seeing things I didnt see in a scene or monologue and improving them greatly. I love her balance of technique and artistry insight. Sometimes as an actor and artist, dealing with the world and rejection, I find myself stunted, but Evangelines kind but firm approach to acting as artistry gave me the push and the insight to move forward and grow.
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September 14, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I always start by asking my students what their priorities are; what are their goals, dreams, aspirations? Acting is about self-expression, not about having someone else tell you who you are. Step one is finding out what brought my students to seek acting lessons in the first place, and then go from there. 

My background is in Grotowski-based movement training, Meisner acting work, as well as Linklater voice work. I assist with text analysis work to find the heart of the scene, then use my training to find the most honest, authentic delivery. This approach works well both for screen and stage.

I hold an MFA in acting from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BA in theater Arts from UC Santa Cruz. I credit CalArts with the bulk of my technical acting training, and UC Santa cruz with giving me the theoretical framework to contextualize my training. I have also taken many classes to round out my education, including on-camera, Meisner, physical theater, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Butoh, ballet, swing dance, West African dance, and voice. I started acting when I was a child, so I have over 20 years of experience as an actor. 

My usual rate is $55 for one hour. If I have to travel further than 10 miles, an additional travel fee may be incurred. 

I first started teaching over 10 years ago at a summer camp, working as the Drama Counselor by teaching improv, scene study, and directing plays and musicals at the camp. 

I have worked with a wide range of students. The bulk of my experience is with children and young adults, but I have coached and taught at the high school and university level as well. 

I was working with a student on a monologue and she was having difficulty finding a way in. She liked the character but could not identify with the character's experience, and she kept getting stuck and feeling extremely frustrated. Through a series of conversations, physical exercises and distractions from the original problem, I was able to guide her to a breakthrough in understanding of the character and the monologue came to life in a completely new way that surprised us both. 

Acting is so personal and it's very vulnerable. Always do your research and really listen to your instincts. Find someone who understands you and is able to help you get what you want out of acting lessons. It shouldn't be painful, it should be fun! Acting is work, of course, and it requires focus and dffort, but you should find a teacher who is able to illuminate a sense of joy and possibility for you. 

Ask teachers what they are most passionate about and see if it aligns with your needs. Also, ask about credentials. Formal training is a good barometer to see if someone has put in the time to really become an expert. 

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