Average cost for Swimming Lessons ranges from
$20 - $60 /hr

The average cost for swimming lessons is $40 per hour. Hiring a swim instructor to teach you to swim, you will likely spend between $20 and $60 on each lesson. The price of swimming lessons can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local swim instructors or get free estimates from teachers near you.

How much do swimming lessons cost?

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Millions of people ask Lessons.com for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local teachers, then we share those prices with you.

No matter how long you’ve left it before learning to swim, now is a good time to start. Swimming instructors can usually be found anywhere there is a swimming pool, but many are willing to come to your home pool and teach there too.

Ask yourself what swimming skills you want to learn and develop to help narrow down your swimming instructor search.

Swimming Lessons

Individual Lessons

The cost of private swimming lessons can vary depending on the knowledge and experience of the instructor, and the travel time (if applicable). Swimming lessons can last from half an hour to a full hour, and some sample prices are as follows:

Julia M Swim Lessons in New York, NY, charges $60/hour, as does Torres Swim Lessons in San Antonio, TX. The Swim Coach in Atlanta, GA, charges $50/30 minutes. Swim Like a Fish in Atlanta, GA, charges $25 per 30-minute lesson.

Skill Level Lessons

Beginning swimmers will learn how to float on their front and back, kick, paddle, glide, and breathe. Once that’s mastered, swimmers will move on to learning the different strokes, diving, and how to tread water. The initial goal of learning to swim is water survival, but once that’s learned, many children will want to keep learning, and some even join the swim team.

Group Lessons

Many beginners’ swimming lessons can be done in groups, thereby lowering the cost overall. Eggert Aquatics in Lawrence Township, NJ, charges $22/half-hour group lesson compared to its $25/half hour semi-private session or $30/half hour private lesson. Sugarland Swim School in Sugarland, TX, charges $15/half-hour group lessons or $40/half-hour private lessons. They also offer a coached lap swim for $12/lesson.

Things to Consider

Does the trainer have Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification and CPR certification? Some other good questions to ask are:

  • How much time do I need to invest in lessons before I become a capable swimmer?
  • What can I do to swim better? How long have you been teaching for? Have you won any awards for your swimming or teaching?
  • What plan of action would you recommend for me/my child?
  • What is your teaching style? What’s the minimum amount of experience your instructors must have before you hire them?


The more time you put into swimming, the more capable a swimmer you’ll become, and if you’re determined to put in the time, it makes more sense to pay for a series of lessons up front and save money.

Pro Swimming Lessons in Tampa, FL, offers lessons for $80/hour, but if you buy four sessions up front for $280, you save $40. Little Aquatics Swim Lessons in Orlando, FL, offers discounts on all packages: $40 off the regular total if you buy a 16-lesson private lesson package, $20 off the regular total if you buy a 16-lesson semi-private lesson package, and $20 off the regular total if you buy a 16-lesson group lesson package.

Standalone Specialties

Edge Aquatics Program in Houston, TX, offers diving lessons, an additional option to basic swimming lessons, for $65/half hour. Regular swimming lessons are $45/half hour.

Niles W. Keeran, OCVN, in Canton, OH, is a former competitive swimmer who teaches at nature camps and summer schools. He also gives swimming lessons to special needs and disabled swimmers. He typically charges from $15/hour for private pool lessons and $22/hour if using a public facility, but has different rates for ages (6–12, 13–18, and 21–-70).

Tri-State Rescue Ready in Yonkers, NY, offers the most current American Red Cross Learn to Swim curriculum, including certification courses. Lessons are $40 each, or five for $150. Its staff are American Red Cross trained and certified lifeguard and swim instructors. Specialty classes are available for children and adults on the autism spectrum.


While most swimming lessons occur at a local community pool, you’ll find swimming instructors are often willing to come to your home pool for a private or small group lesson, adding an extra charge for travel.

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