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Offers online services
Offers online services


My instruction stands out because it’s fun, effective, and efficient. But most of all: fun.

I have tons of experience, performing, teaching, and learning, and that experience is unusually varied, but what’s unique and special is my very student-centered approach, which is based on understanding

-what you want to happen, (goals)

-how you prefer to learn

-what you’ve already accomplished, and

-your style of learning

My own experience and knowledge matter only in the context of my understanding of YOUR goals/direction/aims, your instructional preferences, and our co-assessments of how you are learning in real time.

What I find exciting is the dynamic interaction between me and the student, building my understanding of each student’s needs, and helping you:

- have FUN

- articulate and move towards your goals

- optimally improve

- have FUN doing it,

- develop the habit to thoroughly ENJOY THE ACTIVITY in real time, even while working hard at it.

I consider it my responsibility as instructor to continuously assess and adjust my instruction to best match up with how you are learning in real time.

I am equally passionate about learning, and about helping others learn in ways that are enjoyable and fun.

I don't have a static list of “must-learn” elements or rudiments. I have the experience, knowledge and judgment to dynamically and accurately assess what I can introduce to you at any given moment that will most quickly and easily help you move towards your goals.


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Offers online services

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Able to read music

Student can read sheet music, Student can read percussion notation, Student understands note durations and rests, Student can't read music

Musical styles

I can make recommendations, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country

Years experience

No formal training, No formal training; some self-taught experience, 0 – 2 years experience, 2 – 4 years experience, 4+ years of experience

Types of drums

I can provide recommendations, Traditional drum kit, Snare drum, Bass drum, Hand drums (bongo, conga, etc.)

Lesson length

30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes

Student's age

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Student have drums

Student already has drums, Student is planning to purchase drums and would advice


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Glenn makes learning exciting, dynamic, and fun. All of my lessons with Glenn have been tailored to my individual needs and level of progression. Additionally, with Glenns wide range of rhythmic expertise, I have been lucky enough to gain a level of competency and exposure to a wide variety of music, including traditional Brazilian grooves, classic rock, surf, funk/soul, New Orleans-style second line, and more.
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March 18, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I first thoroughly understand what the student wants to do, and wants to avoid, how they prefer to study, what instructional approaches seem to work best for them, and what, if any, they have already made. 

Applied Music Minor from Duquesne University School of Music, decades studying in New York and New Orleans, with various instructors, and also extensive study with the Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. 

Trained Teaching Artist with Third Street Music Settlement and Bard High School Early College for over 15 years. 

Performed with multiple bands in NYC, about half of the continental USA, 15 counties on four continents.  Recorded on over 10 albums. 

Over 25 years as psychotherapist has trained me to actively understand what students need.  

I have participated, by invitation, in dozens of Carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, playing nearly all the samba instruments, logged hundreds of rehearsal hours with many samba schools (including several champions), played drum set with Brazilian combos, directed, instructed, and performed with multiple baterias on three continents, played on award-winning Brazilian albums, studied with many legendary instructors, and learned Portuguese.  

Working as a psychotherapist and a percussion instructor for adults, children, and at the college level has given me a broad perspective and uniquely well-developed sense of not only of how different people learn differently, and what musical and rhythmic elements are most essential and helpful to de-mystify the rich world of Brazilian rhythms, but also how to communicate those things most effectively and constructively.  


I also have a masters degree in Psychology, and have worked for decades as a psychotherapist.  

$35 per half hour or $60 per hour. I tend to be generous with time, and will not interrupt the flow if a student needs a few extra minutes to capture something. 

I was working as a therapist at a homelss shleter, and started doing drumming groups for the residents - kids and adults.

Then after September 11 I was hired to do drumming with traumatized students at two NYC schools.  

I have worked with most types of students: kids, teens, adults of all ages, from day-one beginners to other professional drum set instructors.  And I have found a way to not only help each improve not only their mastery of the instrument, but also their enjoyment of it.   

I have also worked in NYC schools with many teens with serious challenges, including severe trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addiction, gang involvement, serious learning challenges. Those students will not stick with something that isn’t fun - This is what helped me get very good at keeping learning fun.  

A private drum set student who started from scratch with me had her first-ever performance, a showcase ending a School-of-Rock-type group course. All the other players were non-pros, but all had much more experience with their instrument than my student, Kemba. All the other players were nervous, and looked it. Kemba, though also nervous, not only played with remarkable authority and maturity, she masterfully held the band together like a veteran, and did it all with a huge smile. 

She had a blast, and I was deeply proud.  

Look for a teacher you have a particular connection with. Learning is a social activity. The conversational chemistry between teacher and student is probably the single most important factor. 

What do I want to do with drums? (Just have fun, play in my first band, get into music school, start a career, etc. )

What sort of student am I?

What types of instruction do I tend to respond best to?  

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