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I believe that the actor represents the people who can't say what they want so they speak for them, they share a message which will challenge the audience to grow and/or expand their horizons, and hopefully the actor can grow as an artist and human being for the positive.

By looking within the story my aim is to collaborate with the Actor to find the truth of the character by looking within the text and character as a whole.

I look forward to working with any Actor, no matter the age, culture or belief. I want it to be a safe zone where you have room to take chances and fall on your face with experimenting in your part. Whether its a monologue, scene or a play/script, lets work!

Looking forward to working with you soon!

-I love the moment when the Actor thinks for themselves critically and trusting their own mind and heart to make creative choices on their own.

-I love it when the Actors see the fruits of their labor from all of the work they done leading to the show, whether it is TV, Film or Theatre.

-When the Actor finds a new idea or moment that blows them away


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Frequently asked questions

I would like to get to know who I'm working with, who they are, their aspirations in the craft and just create a dialogue where we can vibe and be open. I don't want you to feel like you have to filter your language. 

Then later I would like to see the work you would like to delve into. After the performance I would like to talk about how you felt with other technical and creative things to think about when jumping into the work. I am not big on telling what the actor should do but rather am an advocate for you think in the moment; critical thinking and trusting ones intuition is key, if anything this is what I want you to gain in our collaboration together. 

I trained at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy)

I am a working actor 

I have eight years of teaching experience working with 

-Dramatic Solutions 

-Teaching theatre in the summer at the University of Distruct of Columbia and at Brnjamin Stoddert

-Adventure Theatre

-Reach Incorporated

25 dollars upfront and 25 dollars after the lesson is finished.

I was always inquisitive about every moment as an actor, which made me more of a critical thinker. I always felt that everything csn be explained and broken down; granted I've learned that some things cannot be explained but I wanted to train myself where I will be able to connect with the unexplainable.

Students from elementary to college; all social economic backgrounds and beliefs. 

When I worked with two young ladies on two separate monologues they were working on, it was a blessing. When we began to experiment with delving into the part they discovered such great new directions in the work which were fresh and all their own. 

This moment is special to me because it was my first breakthrough as a teacher.

Work with someone who wants to bring the greatness out of you in a safe space where you can fall on your face. Work with someone who celebrates your point of view and the process of finding moments in the part which are parallel to your life. Work with a teacher who does not thrive in pointing out your flaws to control but rather facing those vulnerable moments to overcome and empower. Work with someone whose aim is not for you to comeback but rather grow to trust your own instincts, taste and mindset. 

What is their training? 

Why are you interested in working with me?

Does the teacher show sincerity? 

Will they allow me to be myself?

Do I feel comfortable with working with this teacher?

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