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How is Impact Zone Golf being disruptive in Golf

Impact-Based Instruction® produced by PGA Tour Winner and PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching (First one in history to be both), Bobby Clampett is changing the way the game of golf has been taught. In a world where 70% of golfers who take golf instruction either get worse or don’t improve, Impact Zone Golf® has taken a fresh approach and revolutionizing the field of “Style-Based” Instructors who have left a world of frustrated golfers leading to a 25% decline in the game over the past 15 years.

Ø Impact-Based Instruction® is a direct contract to the flood of “Style-Based” instructors who exist today such as: David Ledbetter’s “A Swing”, Jim McClean’s “28 points” to the Swing, Jim Hardy’s “One Plane and Two Plane Swings”, Andy Plummer and Mike Bennet’s “Stack and Tilt”, Hank Haney’s “Swing Plane”, etc.

Ø Bobby Clampett came to the realization through his own personal experience when the “so-called” top instructors tried to change his “style” of swing, he actually go worse and it drove him off the PGA Tour.

Ø IBI® is a system of golf instruction that focuses on what matters most, Impact, while other instructors focus on changing the swing of a student to match their favorite swing style.

Ø IBI® educates the student on what is proper impact, the 5 Dynamics on how to create it, and measures the student’s impact as a first step.

Ø IBI® works backwards from traditional teaching methods, starting with impact, and making any changes specifically for the purpose of improving the golfer’s impact. Traditional instruction starts with making swing changes and hoping that the golfer improves. Our slogan is: “Improve your impact, Improve your game.”

Ø IBI® measures everything and can actually reveal how much improvement a student is making in every area of golf improvement, isolating the variables of the game, where others ways of measuring is more subjective.

Ø IZI® extends to Putting as well

Ø IZI® is also disruptive in the clubfitting industry where we won’t clubfit an individual until they are in proper impact, where the industry fits to people’s poor impact. The result is that the clubs fit by the industry thus have a smaller sweetspot and a smaller margin of error in the swing. In other words, the way they are fit is not the way they are designed to be used. Thus golfers don’t get better. Statistics show that the average score in the US hasn’t changed in over 50 years, despite the supposed tremendous growth in technology.

Why is Bobby Clampett’s Impact-Based® Instruction the world’s best teaching system? Several Reasons:

1. It focuses on what matters most, good impact, while most other teachings focus on styles and positions.

2. One will be free to know that their swing style is perfect just the way it is. So little to change, yet so much improvement to be had by improving one’s impact.

3. When you learn and improve through the 5 Dynamics of Impact-Based® Instruction, you will loose any frustration you ever had before.

4. Because Bobby has competed against the best at the highest level of competition for over 20 years, studied the best as an announcer for CBS Sports for over 25 years, and been able to distill the secrets of all the Masters of the Game into his Impact-Based® Instruction.

5. Because many of Bobby’s peers on the PGA Tour, Champion’s Tour and throughout the world of golf agree, Bobby has one of the greatest golf minds the game has ever known.

6. So good is the system that the PGA made Bobby Clampett it’s only PGA Tour winner in history to become a Master Instructor of Coaching and Teaching based on his discovery of Impact-Based® Instruction.

7. Because The First Tee has tested every top form of instruction and shared that Bobby Clampett’s Impact-Based® instruction worked better with their kids than any other teaching system or method.

Why is Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf World Headquarters and Academy in Naples, Florida the best choice for golf instruction in the world:

1. Because of the above

2. Because IZG has a wholistic view of golf improvement, understanding that fitness, mental sharpness and properly fit equipment all contribute to better golf. Both IZG sites in Naples provide comprehensive opportunities in each department all staffed with experts in their field who have all also been trained by Bobby in Impact-Based® Instruction.

3. Because Bobby has personally trained every instructor, many of whom were already known as some of the top instructors in the US, but realized that IBI is the best system and they wanted to improve their teaching and join the best.

4. Because IZG has not only the best technology available in golf, but has developed Impact Zone Central as free to every student to place all student information, data and lessons on their own personal student portal. Track your results, review your lessons anytime, anywhere for free.

5. Because Bobby loves kids (he has 5 of his own) and has the best junior development program in the world.

6. Because Naples is rated the #1 Luxury Destination in the United States, the perfect fit for IZG World Headquarters.

7. Because Naples is the only city in the world with two Ritz Carlton Hotels, IZG World Headquarters lies between the two of them with the Academy being at the Ritz Golf Resort.

Seeing every student rave about how their games are improving! Love it!


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Frequently asked questions

The best entry point for a student is to take a 2 day Bobby Clampett led Signature Golf School at the Tiburon Golf Club.  Go to:

The second best thing to do is call Andrew at 239-236-5536 and schedule an assessment with Bobby or one of Bobby's trained instructors.  Master instructors and stafff instructors have an assessment special for $149, while others for as low as $99.

Group classes and new coaching programs are also available at reduced rates.

Bobby has over 20 years of competing on the PGA Tour and PGA Champion's Tour, has played with and competed with almost every great in the history of the game.  Bobby is the only PGA Tour winner in history to become a PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching based on his discovery of Impact-Based® Instruction.  Bobby also has the only online instructor training program approved by both the PGA and LPGA.

Bobby's instructor rates begin at $100/hour, while his rate is $595 per hour.  Instructor packages add a bigger discount to as low as $49/lesson depending on the level of instructor.

Bobby was coaching his team mates at Brigham Young University while he was becoming the only two-time Fred Haskins Award (equivalent of Football's Heisman Trophy) in NCAA history where he set an NCAA record 12 collegiate wins in three-years and 10 wins in his last 2 years.

Bobby has worked with everyone from beginners to PGA Tour stars.

Bobby has a recent 20 handicap student take one of his 2 day Signature Golf School.  Fred's goal was to break 80 in his life.  Two weeks after the school, he shot an even-par round of 68.

If you really care about improving your game, Impact Zone Golf is your best choice.  We request that you call 239-236-5536 and let us get to know your needs and design the program that fits you best.

Students should be realistic about their committment towards improving their game.

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