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Jacksonville Golf Instructors

  • KBgolf Consulting

    KBgolf Consulting

    Jacksonville, FL 32216

    5.0 (10)

    Experienced instructor with a high quality service.  Trackman and video available in lessons from beginner to professional golfers. 

  • R.E.A.L. Golf Training & Consultation

    R.E.A.L. Golf Training & Consultation

    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

    5.0 (8)

    This golf tutorial company has been helping young hopefuls for many years. Robert D. offers comprehensive golf courses that cover all aspects of the game. Ask about this pro's youth golf instruction rates.

  • Nicky Martin Golf

    Nicky Martin Golf

    Jacksonville, FL 32216

    5.0 (5)

    I’ve been teaching in Jacksonville for the past 20 yrs. Im a past Florida State Amateur Champion Jacksonville City Amatuer Champion Past Web.Com Tour Player

  • Matthew Stein Golf

    Matthew Stein Golf

    Jacksonville, FL 32216

    5.0 (2)

    Fact Based Instruction utilizing launch monitor technology, motion measurement technology and video analysis. Certified GOLFTEC Coach, TPI Certified, Golf Ground Mechanics Certified through BODITRAK. A Class “A” PGA Professional member since 2009, Matthew comes from a diverse professional background and experience. He was a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Hospitality Management and Business, and practiced with The Gators Golf Team. Matthew’s professional experience background includes serving at world class facilities with “Top 100” designat
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    Best of 2018
  • Joseph Jackson

    Joseph Jackson

    Jacksonville, FL 32218

    5.0 (1)

    Learn how to play golf like a pro with the golf playing lessons from Joseph Jackson. Joseph Jackson is dedicated in teaching interested individuals. This reliable professional is always available for your needs.

  • Cindy Meyers Walker

    Cindy Meyers Walker

    Jacksonville, FL 32207

    5.0 (1)

    Learn to play golf and let Cindy Walker guide you with her private golf instructions. Cindy is passionate about teaching various golf techniques to every client. Cindy offers private golf lessons including basic and intermediate golf swing training, putting instruction and more.

  • Eric Holcomb Golf

    Eric Holcomb Golf

    Jacksonville, FL 32222

    5.0 (1)

    I have been an instructor for 13 years and what I have learned is how important it is to make golf as simplistic as possible for the student. I avoid trying to make computer perfect golf swings and strive to make individually perfect golf swings.

  • Blair Gibson Golf Lessons

    Blair Gibson Golf Lessons

    Jacksonville, FL 32225

    5.0 (1)

    Choose Blair Gibson Golf Lessons if you are searching for reliable and hardworking golf instructors who work with juniors, seniors, and more. They provide golf lessons for beginners and advanced students. They provide private golf lessons for kids and adults.

  • Tennis Time

    Tennis Time

    St Johns, FL 32259

    David Dougherty is a private golf instructor who offers golf tutorials to students of all playing levels. Choose David Dougherty to assist you. This professional provides golf training including golf coaching, private golf instruction, and golf technique services.

  • Meadowbrook Golf Club

    Meadowbrook Golf Club

    Jacksonville, FL 32221

    Get golf lessons by hiring James Ledvina and learn golf techniques the right way. Let Meadowbrook Golf Club's professionals fully help you. Look no further and hire this pro today.

  • Golf Instructor At The Georgia Trail At Sugarloaf

    Golf Instructor At The Georgia Trail At Sugarloaf

    Jacksonville, FL 32224

    This individual is among the dedicated mentors who offer for indoor golf instruction adults, children and teens. Hire Sean if you want to learn how to play golf this summer. They are also available to teach you golf techniques.

  • Golf Channel Academy With Kirk Jones

    Golf Channel Academy With Kirk Jones

    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    Do you want to improve your golf techniques? Golf Channel Academy With Kirk Jones will also help you do golf teaching. This hardworking and trustworthy professional provides basics of golf for beginners.

  • Corey Dawson's Golf Lessons

    Corey Dawson's Golf Lessons

    Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

    Golf lessons with Corey is one of the top golf swing companies that will provide beginner golf lesson services. These include golf tips for beginners among others. Check them out for techniques to improve your game.

  • Sawgrass Country Club

    Sawgrass Country Club

    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

    Improve your golf skills with Greg Lecker. Get golf instructions for beginners from Greg Lecker. They can definitely help improve your golf swings and rhythm to help achieve your goal.

  • Kyle Roosen Golf

    Kyle Roosen Golf

    Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

    Kyle Roosen is a skilled and experienced professional golf coach. Check out this pro's fair rates. This instructor has gained many good customer reviews from satisfied clients.

  • Self Employed

    Self Employed

    Neptune Beach, FL 32266

    I have been playing golf since I could walk. I have a degree in teaching golf instruction from the golf acedemy of Orlando and have played 3 years of mini tour golf down in orlando learning from 2 of the top 100 swing coaches in the world. My full swing coach Sean Foley worked with me as I was playing competive golf and my short game coach was Mike Bender. Learning from the best, I can take all the knowledge they have taught me to use and teach others that want to take their game to the next level.
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  • St Johns Golf & Country Club

    St Johns Golf & Country Club

    Saint Johns, FL 32259

    This business has golf trainers in Saint Johns who provide beginner golf lessons. This instructor is among the most resilient local children pro golf instructors. This golf pro will teach you a variety of golf techniques that will help improve your game.

  • The Golf Academy Of North Florida

    The Golf Academy Of North Florida

    Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

    Tired of looking for one of the best golf coaching companies in your area that can provide beginner golf lessons and professional golf lessons? The Golf Academy Of North Florida provides golf services for your needs. These pros have been in the business for many years.

  • Dan Carraher Golf

    Dan Carraher Golf

    Jacksonville, FL 32204

    Are you in search of some of the top golf instructors in Jacksonville? Also, they offer golf putting lessons. These golf trainers are always available to help you.

  • Masterfit Golf Learning And Fitting Center

    Masterfit Golf Learning And Fitting Center

    Jacksonville, FL 32256

    Whenever you are in need of reliable junior golf instructions, hire Andy Hart. This coach provides private golf lessons at affordable rates. Read their well-rated comments online.

  • Chris Trunzer Golf Coach

    Chris Trunzer Golf Coach

    Orlando, FL 32836

    He hasn’t just played golf, he has lived golf. Really.   Chris had an outstanding amateur career followed by 10 years playing professional golf all over the globe. On his journey he has collected triumphs, scars, mentors, experiences. Years of lessons learned and, like anyone, lessons yet to be learned. He is aware of the wealth of knowledge he can bring to the table, but fully embraces the power of surrounding himself and his students with a team of top-notch specialists for the different areas of the game.   He knows what it means to be the one holding the club, having to mak
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  • It's A Hard Game, Let Me Help You Make It Look Easy.

    It's A Hard Game, Let Me Help You Make It Look Easy.

    Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

    Ben Shultz is one of the reliable and top golf instructors in town who provide impressive services. This professional is one of the golf teachers who will help you enhance your skills in this sports. This pro handles junior and adult golf lessons.

  • LPGA Teaching Professional - Stack & Tilt Network Instructor

    LPGA Teaching Professional - Stack & Tilt Network Instructor

    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    Leslie is one of the famous golf instructors who provide golf lessons for kids. They teach the basics of golf for beginner golf. Ask for a free quote now.

  • Mattiace Golf

    Mattiace Golf

    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    Bob Mattiace makes playing golf easy. This professional offers golf instructions and putting lessons. Bob offers private golf lessons including basic and intermediate golf swing training, putting instruction and more.

  • PGA Certified Golf Professional

    PGA Certified Golf Professional

    Jacksonville, FL 32216

    Learn the basics of golf downswings from a company that provides professional golf playing lessons. This professional takes pride in providing comprehensive golf programs for kids and adults. Check them out and start learning proper golf techniques.

  • PGA Golf Instruction

    PGA Golf Instruction

    Jacksonville, FL 32224

    JP Guarneri offers professional golf lessons to help improve your playing skills. This professional also offers golf training services and more. This indoor golf swing trainer is always available to help.

  • Reed Webb Golf Lesson

    Reed Webb Golf Lesson

    Jacksonville, FL 32256

    Do you need a provider in Jacksonville who provides professional golf lessons? Feel free to visit Reed Webb Golf Lesson. They offer services such as golf lessons for children, advance putting lessons and golf chipping lessons.

  • Choo Dickerson

    Choo Dickerson

    Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

    I turned pro at 19 had little success ran out of money became a caddie. I have caddied all over the world and seen every golf swing known to man. I CAN HELP U👍 My dad taught my brother and I, eventually we will have our on teaching facility. My brother won US amateur, western amateur, national championship in the same year and was number one in the world as and amateur in 2001. He also won as pro on the web.com. Why am I telling you this? To let you know that we/I know what we are doing and legit. 
    (view profile)

  • Kirk's Golf Lessons

    Kirk's Golf Lessons

    Jacksonville, FL 32244

    Hi my name is Ryan Kirk. I have been a lover of golf since 3 years old. I have worked for some of the most prestigious golf clubs around the country including: Oak Tree National, (PGA and Senior PGA Championship, U.S. Senior Open) The Legends, (LPGA) and East Lake Golf Club (Home of the Tour Championship and Legendary golfer Bobby Jones).  I also played in college while pursuing a music degree. I have Caddied for CEO's, Lobbyists, and Celebrities. I've followed golf all my life and play regularly. I'm pursuing to play on a mini tour someday and pursue golf full time as a career.  I l
    (view profile)

  • Topgolf - Jacksoville

    Topgolf - Jacksoville

    Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Wes is an up and coming golf teacher who believes golf is a sport and players should practice and play with an athletic mindset. His number one goal is to provide clarity and understanding to a player's game and arm them with the correct drills and practice methods to lower their scores. Teaching golfers how to produce consistently lower scores is the ultimate goal of instruction, whether novice or touring professional.
    (view profile)


Jacksonville Golf Lessons

(29 reviews)

Jacksonville’s Golf Students - Here’s What You Need to Know!
Golf can seem complicated. Some days you feel cool and another day you feel terrible. There are rules, lingo, and even clubs.

There is no doubt that the best golf equipment can really help you to learn the lesson. But since you are a novice player, why not invest in something that saves money? With the skill not yet perfected, it’s best to practice what the teacher is demonstrating instead of focusing on the equipment. Learning is the priority here, so don’t mix it with purchasing extra expensive equipment - Not before you master everything. In Jacksonville, there are many golf stores that sell affordable equipment.

Discount Golf Equipment gives you cheap prices for the golf sticks you need. Edwin Watts is also a great store that sells shoes, wedges, and gloves for golfers. Or you can opt for used drivers often found in golf stores. They usually cost half the price.

Stop guessing, start trying
As you find your golf teacher in Jacksonville, you can ask them to accompany you to purchase some golf equipment. What’s okay for me does not mean it’s okay for you. You need to lay your hands on the equipment and give it a try. Swing it, wear it, etc. Don’t be shy try the stuff before you make a purchase because you will be dealing with it most of the time during the golf lesson. Play It Again Sports in Jacksonville provides golfers with beginner’s items and second-hand equipment. This equipment is still in great condition.

Start the lesson as soon as possible
They say it is better to be wrong quickly and have it corrected. This applies to the golf course. It is better to look for a golf instructor from the beginning of your lessons and have them correct you if you hold the club in an incorrect way. For a beginner, not knowing anything about playing golf allows you to absorb the lesson quickly. You don’t have any particular knowledge so you can easily accept the lesson and demonstrate your skill right away. To find great instructors for golf in Jacksonville, you can register at lessons.com and search for teachers in your area.

Start with warming up
Most golfers are tempted by how far they can hit the ball, but that’s not the essential lesson. Always warm up your muscles by doing half swings before you throw out of the range. Practice makes perfect. Ask your instructor what kind of warm-ups you can do before every lesson so you can feel relaxed when swinging the club.

Start with short games
It might be a boring thing to do as you start the game on a short range but from here, you can practice anywhere in your living room, the backyard of your house and even the kitchen. Golf lessons are about aiming at the ball and directing it to the hole. As you won’t be having 7 days lesson in a week, you might want to practice it at home before the next schedule.

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