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I am a Life Member in the PGA. I have been instructing golf for 40 years. I attended Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in Water Resources and Geology. Participated on the baseball and golf teams.


The two problems that any golfer is trying to solve are distance and direction. Distance is solved by the proper selection of club for a specific yardage per the individual. Direction is solved by using the proper technique. Teaching the proper technique is where all golf instruction is concentrated. Grip, stance and aim first then body position followed by ball position and finally club position. Taking these points and turning them into an efficient golf swing is the goal of any instruction.

There are five ball flight laws: (Why the ball flies). First law - centeredness of contact, second - position of the face at contact, third - club head path, fourth - club head speed and fifth - angle of attack. The golf ball only response to these laws and the by product of these five laws is the type of shot executed.

The most popular grip is the Varden Grip or its alternative the Interlocking Grip, Certainly these grips are a preference and must suit the individual. Stance should conform to, feet, shoulder width apart, knees flexed, hips and shoulders square to the target line, bending slightly forward at the hips with back flat to remain in plane at set up and arms hanging naturally from the shoulders. This shall create a great foundation. Ball position is dictated by the club being used. For the driver, ball position would be opposite the left foot (for a right hand golfer). The position may move back successively as the clubs increase in loft. Outside of a trouble shot, the back of the ball should never exceed the center (sternum) of the set up position.

Club position should respond to body position at address (set up). The club must move to the 1st moving square of the swing which is club shaft parallel to the ground along the toe line with the leading edge of the club pointing skyward (square). From this start many good shots can occur if not the struggles will begin. No one is perfect, though we try in our practice to be, coming close to the first moving square should lead to a reasonable credible golf shot.

This a small snap shot of teaching technique that all good instruction of golf ascribes to. This does not take into account the individual’s size, strength or athletic abilities, which may alter some of the preference prescribed above.

Timothy L. Evans


Serves Deerfield Beach , FL


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