Golf For Beginners

Golf For Beginners

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If you want to learn the basics about golf without the high cost of private lessons, give me a shout. I work primarily with beginners and intermediate players. If you are new to the game or need someone to show you where your stance, grip and swing positions problems are, we need to talk! Short game and putting issues?? We can work through those too. I was taught by a well respected teacher and I've had the opportunity to pick the brains of a few tour pros. I have extensive knowledge of the golf swing, fundamentals that you have to get right and drills that can help you improve. You will get better!

My playing career includes quite a few accomplishments. One is something that very few in the game have. My playing partner for 12 years and I have an albatross (a 2 on a par 5) on the same hole at our club on Long Island, NY. I've won a tournament on a PGA course.

I'm located in lovely little Venice Florida now. If you think I can help you get started, reach out. My fees are very inexpensive.

Watching people hit a shot well and seeing the look on their faces.......that a-ha moment! That's so rewarding. I'll never get rich teaching and coaching, but I'll be happy and fulfilled working with you to get better!


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    robert N.

    Jack is a great instructor. He is very good at explaining flaws in approach, stance and swing in terms a beginner can understand. His demeanor when explaining techniques is not at all intimidating. He makes the lessons fun and I forward to them every week. If you need an golf instructor I highly recommend Jack!
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    October 01, 2023
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    karen J.

    Jack patient very knowledgeable and gave me practical tips I could remember and use
    Im in NY for summer but cant wait to return to Englewood so I can resume my
    Plus Jack is very affordable
    Call Jack you will not be disappointed
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    August 20, 2023


    Sheri C.

    Jack Ferrara was an excellent instructor. He was patient and encouraging. He made sure my grip and swing was proper. He sent me pictures and helpful video links. I look forward to my next lessons.
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    March 06, 2023
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    Diane L.

    I went into this with absolutely no golf experience whatsoever. Jack was so encouraging, patient and kind whether my shots were good or bad. He worked hard at designing instruction and advice in simple terms that I could understand and geared toward my weaknesses. It was a pleasure working with him and he comes with my highest respect and regards.
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    March 17, 2020
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    Rodger U.

    Jack is a great coach and gives you lots of encouragement which builds your confidence. He has help me with my posture so I address the ball more correctly and then I hit it straight. I will continue working with him to improve my performance.
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    February 18, 2020
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    Nikki L.

    Jack is such a good coach .He is super patient and skilled.I never did golf in the past and he let me feel so good at the first trying .I would highly recommend him and will continue have him as my coach in the future
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    February 06, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    Beginners should have the right expectations.  Learning the proper stance, grip and motion is a foundation of starting to learn how to play.  I will teach you drills that you can practice at home that will help you get better.  Raising your level of competence is my goal.  I'll teach you all aspects of golf.  Swing, chipping, putting and the mental side.  

    I've been a tournament player for years in NY before my move to Florida.  I have won on a PGA course on Long Island.  You probably won't become a tour pro with my instructions but I will make you a better golfer.

    My fee is based on a per lesson basis.  I don' t watch a clock.  When we're done, we're done.  Most times it's about an hour to an hour and a half.    I mostly teach at Venice East practice range or you can pick the practice facility and the range balls.  You decide what you need. 

    My club in NY was a semi-private club that attracted many beginners or intermediate players.  The head pro found that he didn't have time for and his fees were mostly too expensive for the newbie golfer.  I offered to help start these students with basic instructions.  I found teaching and coaching to be very enjoyable.  

    My prize student was a young man that wanted to learn the game and had a passion for it.  We worked frequently and he took to all the drills and help.  He became captain of his high school golf team and is now playing in college, he's outstanding!  I'm so proud of him.  I've worked with people needing a refresher course.  Bad habits have destroyed their game.

    We have all struggled through difficult stretches playing golf.  I was really struggling with my wedge and short game play.  I tried to move the ball, open my stance more, soften my hands etc. etc.  When I saw myself on a video clip the problem was obvious!  My hands had gotten too high and caused the swing to be too steep.  I worked with lowering my hands and practice!  You can't see the problem without another set of trained eyes!

    Have real expectations and do the drills and the practice.  Golf is a hard game to get good at.  If you are a casual player, accept the good with the bad.  If you aspire to be great, put in the work.

    They should have clear goals and talk about how to achieve them.  The goals should be real and coincide with their current ability and where they want to get to.

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