Zander Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Zander Hip Hop Dance Lessons

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Ive danced since I was 3 and have taught dance at college level. Always adapting to the student's way of learning so they can soak in the invormation to utilize the lesson to the utmost. I travel around the country dancing and have been in competitions in Atlanta.


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It is my goal to instill the culture and the heart of hip hop into the students in a fun and productive manner. I would love to hear from you guys and thank you for the opportunity.

I get to share a passion of mine with others and watch them be encouraged and excited with their growth. Its another form of expression that brings release and discipline all at the same time. I want to be a leader that shows the students there is a fun and powerful way to express yourself that is healthy and beneficial mentally, physically, and emotionally.


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    He broke things down so you could understand it even if you had no knowledge of dance prior to his class. He combined lectures with dancing to teach us the heart of dance not just the moves. He made it clear that dance is a culture and there is a lifestyle of being a dancer. He encouraged us that we could do it if we were willing to put in the work. He exposed us to different styles of dance and had us compare and contrast them. He taught us how to identify different styles and how they can merge. He explained what the purpose of dance is, and its origin. He taught us the basics and how to perfect things if we were already good dancers. For our final he had us create our own dance with a partner applying what we learned in class. I feel like he covered every aspect you would want covered as a dance student. He also showed us some of the best dancers of each style and through conversation he showed that hes had studied many dancers and knew what he was talking about referencing specific people that changed dance for good.
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    February 08, 2019

    Joseph S.

    Zander is very detailed and thorough in the way he teaches. His technical style of dance makes him very observant to how his students perform. He breaks it down well.
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    February 06, 2019

    Isaac S.

    Takes time to make sure each student catches up.
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    February 05, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I give the foundation of each style that they would like to learn so that the schematics are woven into each students development. knowing the basics first, expands and widens their horizon for more advanced movements.

    I am travel manager in a school of ministry and within that group i teach dance and also raise up other choreographers while sharpening their skill sets.

    $12 an hour for 1-2 hour lessons. if requesting longer please notify me ahead of time and it will be done.

    Since my highschool days while I was in a crew, I got invited to teach a few classes for college students who were getting ready for a festival. From then on as I went through school of ministry i became the Dance lead creating and teaching choreography. Once I graduated, I taught Intro to dance 101 while being travel team manager for our group that travels the country.

    Ive worked with beginners to advanced. As long as they are open, eager, and ready to learn then I will be able to teach. From urban to suburban, intercity etc. All are welcome. I just love dance so want to share it.

    A conference in New York was an opportunity to showcase a dance with one of my students. You can see the video on their Fb page Uproar Ht. The video is tagged with "Special guest Dan Palmer & Remnant Worship join us TONIGHT"

    Dance starts at the 3:45 time stamp.

    Be sure of what you want to learn and be serious about your growth in dance. Be open and be eager. Get ready to have fun and know that its ok to start at the beginning. Trust the process and trust that you will get it. I as your teacher believe in you so believe in yourself. Its normal to get frustrated but dont let that frustration hold you back.

    1. What style or styles do I want to learn?

    2. How much work am I willing to put in?

    3. What is the end goal for myself that I seek to accomplish?

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