Feva Pitch Productions - Burlesque/Belly Dance Instruction

Feva Pitch Productions - Burlesque/Belly Dance Instruction



I've studied belly dance since 2003, and work professionally as a belly dance/burlesque instructor, performer, and producer under my business "Feva Pitch Productions" (formed in 2016).

I like to work with each student one-on-one to develop a specified lesson plan based on what you're looking to accomplish. For instance, I can offer the following courses:

- Weight loss/toning/conditioning classes - no matter what your focus is, we can curate a dance-based approach to meet your health goals

- Belly dance technique, choreography, or act development classes. I'm trained in the Suhaila Salimpour style of belly dance, which is a muscular-focused, technique-heavy format to condition the body and execute dance moves safetly.

- Burlesque technique, choreography, or act development classes. I like to work with my students individually to help explore their individual burlesque persona and style of movement.

- Special props - sword balancing, drum solos, feather fans, fan veils, canes, candles, boas, veils, and more.

- Bachelorette parties - Students learn tips/tricks for walking/dancing in heels and will learn a short choreography (chair dance, boa/glove dance, belly dance lesson, etc).

Let me know what you're interested in learning, and let's start dancing!


7 years in business
Serves Chicago , IL

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Frequently asked questions

I like to chat before classes begin about your goals, any potential physical limitations (injuries, etc), and then craft a lesson plan that is specific to what you're looking for. I have an in-home studio or am willing to travel to work with students. 

 I was Level II certified in the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance for 2 years. 

Generally, for a private lesson I'd charge $20/hour. If there is travel involved, additional fees may apply. If you're booking a longer session, we might be able explore discounts. 

I began belly dancing in college and co-founded the University Society of Middle Eastern Dance at Truman State University. Since then, I have worked as a professional belly dancer and burlesque performer and formed by own business in 2016. 

I have no limitations on who I work with - men, women, and non-binary folks are all welcome to study with me, as long as students conduct themselves respectfully/professionally. 

Listen to me - you are NOT too old/too fat/too ugly/too anything to study either burlesque or belly dance. The reason I love these artforms is because they embrace learning and loving your body and your self.  

I recently performed at a 100-year-old's birthday party. He said his goal was to live until 106 because he wanted to outlive his father (who passed away at 105). He said he wanted to pre-book me and my dance partner for the 106th party :) What a remarkable man!

I think pick a teacher than encourages your particular brand of self-expression. I don't believe that a teacher's goal is to manufacture students who move/dance exactly like them - I think it's important for students to find their own connection with the art form and express themselves genuinely. 

Also, I'd be prepared that sometimes studying something new means that you confront feelings of insecurity, fear, and other uncomfortable emotions. Be kind and understanding of yourself!

Be honest with your limitations - your old injuries, what topics/things you're uncomfortable exploring, etc - and be upfront about what you're looking for. A good teacher should be willing to tell you if they can't provide you what you're needing. 

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