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Goodly Creatures Theatre specializes in bringing classic works of literature to life onstage and offering inspirational educational programming to the general public. On stage, we produce adaptations that make classic works relatable to our modern audiences.

We teach private acting lessons with the intent to deepen connections to characters through character and script analysis, movement and voice techniques, and elements of established methods.

We teach yoga lessons to inspire the public to love their physical bodies and inspire a deeper connection to the divine spark within all of us. Originally reserved for actors as a way to develop their empathy for the characters they play, we offer yoga now to uplift and help to heal the general public.

About Katrina:

Katrina Syrris is an actor, director, producer, playwright, and yoga teacher in the Fox Valley Area. She has been involved in theatre since she was four years old, after she gripped her chest and screeched while slowly sliding down the giant lazy boy in her living room, prompting her parents to put her into acting classes. Since then she has appeared in over 30 stage productions, both in professional and community theatre. She owns Goodly Creatures Theatre, a traveling theatre company previously seen at the Elgin Art Showcase, and Stage 773 in Chicago. She has directed for theatres including The Midsummer Theatre Troupe, and The Riverfront Playhouse, in addition to teaching for Drama Kids International. As an actress, she has been nominated by Broadway World Chicago for Best Actress for her appearance in “The Drowning Girls” and for best Ensemble for “The Drowning Girls” and “Boeing Boeing.” As an entrepreneur, Katrina pulls from her experience working and volunteering for non-profits for the last decade, and as a copywriter and account manager in the digital marketing space. For Katrina, theatre was never just a phase, it’s her passion.

The ah-ha experience when an actor I’m working with finally makes the breakthrough they have been working so hard to achieve. Oftentimes, it is an emotional and cathartic experience of breaking down the barriers to their own success. It is a profound insight into themself, and their character. It’s the moment when the character leaps off of the script and into their body.


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    Kelsey L.

    I had a one-on-one with Katrina for yoga. Right away she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have very little experience with yoga, and I’m not flexible, like at all, but she was able to accommodate and tailor the session to my level and needs. I went into the session feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed out, and Katrina helped me let go of all that by the end of our session. I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. She’s the real deal, and I highly recommended her!
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    April 09, 2019


    Julie T.

    An engaging environment where all feel safe to explore, collaborate, have fun and be creative!!!! Katrina has a way of lifting people up and propelling them forward!! Her unwavering commitment to the arts and to other artists, along with her amazing talent as an actor, writer and director, are beyond praise!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!
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    March 06, 2019


    Brian L.

    It was fun, creative and a truly wonderful experience.
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    March 05, 2019


    Rachel S.

    Working with Goodly has been the opportunity and experience of a lifetime. Never before has working with a regional theater company made me feel like the professional I know I am, as Goodly has. Furthermore, Katrina is a highly driven individual with the artistic vision that would rival any of her peers. She is an outstanding teacher, director, and overall human being.
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    March 05, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    To start, I ask that a student come ready to discuss their goals, and the challenges they seek to overcome. This starts with outlining an individualized curriculum to meet the student where they are and help them grow into the artist they want to become, and get results. The methodology behind how I teach is to empower students to be creative,  insightful, and confident with themselves and their performance. 

    Acting is a combination of technique and empathy, and transcending our own limitations and fears is a requirement for great acting. 

    My approach includes elements of established methodologies, movement work, embracing the mind-body connection, psychology, and literary analysis of the script. This well rounded approach leads to an in depth understanding of the character which inspires credible, and honest character creation.

    I have worked in theatre for twenty years as an actor, director, producer, and playwright. I’ve been nominated for Best Actress and Best Ensemble for my work in two productions by Broadway World Chicago. I have a Bachelor of Arts and have worked with professors from NYU, teachers at Second City, and other working professionals in the industry. I have taught drama to students from as young as the first grade, to actors in their sixties. 

    Acting: $30/hour 

    I started teaching 12 years ago as an after-school tutor for reading, writing, and math. Since then I’ve directed productions with casts of people as young as five and as mature as 70. 

    Children, Teens, Young Adults, & Seniors

    It is worthy to note that the average age of my student is 40. 

    My students represent a large range of experience from none at all to several years. 

    The most important thing is to trust your gut. A good teacher will always have the student’s best interest in mind, and will challenge the student productively to make progress, while encouraging them to know they are able. 

    I recommend that a student meet their teacher first, either by phone or in person to get a sense of the energy the teacher carries. Compassion, and compatibility of personality is very important for long term success. 

    1. What inspired you to become a teacher?

    2. Why do you teach?

    3. Who are your favorite teachers?

    4. What is a quote that you live by?

    5. What is your favorite book? 

    6. What makes you unique from other teachers?

    7. What characteristics define your ideal student?

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