First I want to say, my business is a freelance business. We strive to push dancer's to be comfortable with self, regardless of dance experience.

I've been dancing for 8 years, as far as location public places like parks downtown Chicago or even students choice of location.

I enjoy teaching those even if you have two left feet you can still learn and be great at what you do.

What makes me enjoy what I do, would be learning from my students.


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4 years in business
Serves Chicago Heights , IL

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    Tyler S.

    This guy helped me over come my fears and to gain confidence with myself. Now I perform at parties no problem though im still shy.
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    March 17, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First talking to them to ease nervousness, because we all get nervous learning new things.

    After we listen to there favorite song that allows them to be goofy, which gets there creative juices flowing.

    Im self taught, but I do Street performance, also train for occasional shows either Broadway or jazz. 

    I'll say half of my time is put into the battling scenes where  the energy is intimidating, these scenes can push dancers break them.

    All fees are due at the start of class. 

    Note: Distance will increase base price of class being taken.

    $25 1hr - I chose price to analyze groovyness 

    $35 1hr 30min  -   I chose this price for style breakdown.

    $50 2hr 30min - I chose this price for piecing together the 1 2,3 style.

    Well I use to teach kids on my block three years ago, and from there decided I'll teach.

    Kids, pre-teens, adults 

    The day I started planning to shoot a commentary documentary on dancers.

    Make sure the style you want to learn they're well versed, as well as pricing is reasonable.

    Making sure they truly want to learn the style of dance they're reading about or watching on TV or seeing anywhere they're going.

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