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  • Frank Schwartz Guitar Lessons

    Frank Schwartz Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Frank Schwartz

    My teaching approach: It's important to me that you enjoy my lessons and have fun with the guitar. The more you enjoy playing, the more you're going to play. I've been playing professionally for over thirty years in too many groups to mention. My bands have opened for numerous recording artists, including some you may have heard of. Currently I'm playing with four different groups. Big Pete Pearson (Arizona's King of the Blues) and the Blues Sevilles, The Tumblers (my rock and Northern Soul band), The Shambles (my own blues band), and Honey Don't ( my jazz/blues duo). My influences are: BB Ki
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  • Crystal Hinners Guitar Lessons

    Crystal Hinners Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Crystal Hinners

    My teaching approach: By the end of 2014, I'll have a Master's degree in music performance (classical guitar) from Syracuse University. The best teaching tool that I have is the cumulative amount of knowledge from seven years of education/experience. This includes numerous public performances, masterclasses, participation in music festivals, and teaching. A teaching approach would depend on the student's needs and goals. My influences are: This question is impossible to answer, but some influential guitarists are: Classical - John Williams, Eduardo Fernandez, David Russell, Jason Vieaux, Man
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  • Gregory Daley Guitar Lessons

    Gregory Daley Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Gregory Daley

    My teaching approach: I teach all ages and styles with over 20 years playing and teaching experience at reasonable rates. I am unique in that I adapt my teaching style to each student's individual musical interests. All styles and techniques taught with the students choices at the forefront. Focus is on learning and writing songs that will inspire students while integrating technique and musical knowledge. Music should inspire, not be a chore. My influences are: Too many to say. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: M
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  • Juan Rodriguez Guitar Lessons

    Juan Rodriguez Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Juan Rodriguez

    My teaching approach: This will vary depending on the student and his aptitude. My influences are: Paul Hindemith and Joe Iadone, who I studied with for about 10 years. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: My Studio in Oakland Guitar Techniques: Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Performance, Vocal Accompaniment, Fingerstyle, Open tuning, Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar Your first guitar lesson with me might include the following: Will complete this section lat
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  • Mark Regan Guitar Lessons

    Mark Regan Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Mark Regan

    My teaching approach: I teach guitar, bass and ukulele to students of any age. I evaluate each student and formulate a lesson plan geared towards them reaching their musical goals as soon as possible. I supply all written materials. I also record material as needed and supply students with MP3's to practice along with. In addition to teaching performance, I teach sight reading, theory, writing (music & lyrics), band performance, etc. I am always willing to meet a student at a local music store to assist them in choosing an instrument or equipment. I am open to anything that helps a student lea
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  • Jason Carey Guitar Lessons

    Jason Carey Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Jason Carey

    My teaching approach: Fun, healthy, and hard-working environ. Endless opportunity for the student at this school! My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Kennebec Valley, Central Maine, Augusta Maine, Maine Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Slide Guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing, Recording and Production, Guidance In Equipment Selection
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  • Anders Nelson Guitar Lessons

    Anders Nelson Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Anders Nelson

    My teaching approach: I use a unique method of teaching based around the student's musical interests and goals. I like to teach students what they want to learn and teach excercises to better their skills. I have experience in many styles of guitar and music. When students take lessons with me, I develop personalized lessons based on how each student learns, learning speed, and what they want to learn. My influences are: I have a broad variety of muscial interests ranging from jazz to alternative rock. I enjoy all types of music. Music is a large part of my life and I try to share my love for
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  • Robert Waterman Guitar Lessons

    Robert Waterman Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Robert Waterman

    My teaching approach: Accustic- SG electric- Bass Piano- Understanding Tabs Music Theory Scales My influences are: Eric clapton. bob dylan, CSN&Y most classic rock/folk artists My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Portland Maine Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Slide Guitar, Performance, Improvisation, Music Theory Your first guitar lesson with me might include the following: Audition the student to access his/her playing level A guitar lesson with me might entail the following: I practice with stude
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  • Andrew Downs Guitar Lessons

    Andrew Downs Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Andrew Downs

    My teaching approach: My approach is student focused. The lessons are custom tailored for each student to focus on correcting performance problems and zeroing in on short and long term goals. The highest priority, is to forge a direct path between where a student is and where they want to be with their instrument. With proper practice I help the student traverse the challenges they face, while making the path easier by guiding them around mistakes and poor habits. My influences are: 1960's through Current Rock Music, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Alternative, and Grunge. Personal Influences: Slash, Jeff
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  • Bobby Thompson Guitar Lessons

    Bobby Thompson Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Bobby Thompson

    My teaching approach: Private Lessons. Patient Approach. Proven Methods. 20+yrs Guitar playing experience, in church, bands, and have done some recording. I teach an understanding of music so the guitar player will have the ability to play various styles and play comfortably with other musicians. Also, Ear Training so the student can learn anything from the radio or their favorite CD. I allow the student to choose what they want to do and I design the lesson tailored to them. Some wish to be famous, others want to play as a hobby, some like Country, others want to Rock. I just want to Teach an
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  • Gary Clancy Guitar Lessons

    Gary Clancy Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Gary Clancy

    My teaching approach: extensive touring and pro experience. shared the stage with sly & the family stone, ypoung rascals, santana, chuck berry, blood sweat & tears, freddy fender, tiny tim, chuck berry, paul butterfield,. Have a 24 track analog and a 24 track digital studio with upper end and vintage gear, play several styles proficiently and have enjoyed the fruits of my labor in my reputation as a player and a teacher My influences are: Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Scott Henderson, larry carlton, robben ford, albert lee, brent mason, danny gatton, ray flachke, steve lucathe
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  • Ben Carroll Guitar Lessons

    Ben Carroll Guitar Lessons

    Yarmouth, ME · Ben Carroll

    My teaching approach: I help guitarists become great musicians. Study guitar with an industry pro & Berklee Alumni that shares your passion, learn the ins and outs with someone that has climbed the slippery slope to actually make a career in music. With 15 albums under my belt, from multiple major label releases to multiple indie releases, and 20+ years of teaching experience, I've got the experience to help you get to where you want to be. Do you have a passion for music & the drive to better yourself as a musician? Do you have what it takes to be a great guitar player? YES YOU DO! =) My in
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  • Michael Wardman Guitar Lessons

    Michael Wardman Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Michael Wardman

    My teaching approach: No two people are alike and it is important to develop a good working relationship between each student and the teacher. It is for this reason that we believe each individual should be taught on a one to one basis. This allows methods to be molded to fit individual goals, styles, speed and temperament. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: My studio in Tenants Harbor, Rockland, Camden, Rockport, Thomaston, Saint George, Tenants Harbor Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment
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  • Ben Moors Guitar Lessons

    Ben Moors Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Ben Moors

    My teaching approach: I create and experience that is fun, stimulating, and entertaining, while utilizing the most up to date technologies and techniques available throughout the teaching process. The lessons are specifically tailored to each individual's skill level, musical taste, and personal goals. My influences are: My influences are many, but grew up on alternative rock in the early 90's, began playing bluegrass and folk music when I was 19, earned a Bachelor of Music in Classical guitar, and have dabbled in many other areas of music, like Turkish classical music, jazz, arabic scales, t
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  • Thomas Dee Guitar Lessons

    Thomas Dee Guitar Lessons

    Portland, ME · Thomas Dee

    My teaching approach: Lessons are tailored to the individual student.Songs are chosen by the student to learn.Most music is provided free.Learning to read music is encouraged but optional. My influences are: All the great players. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Studio is located at One Forest Ave. Portland Maine. Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment Selection, Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Performance, Vocal Accompaniment, Slide Guitar, Fing
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  • Callaghan Music

    Callaghan Music

    Portland, ME · Brian Callaghan

    Brian has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He is a state certified K-12 music teacher with over 8 years experience teaching guitar privately and in the classroom. He offers private guitar lessons in his Portland, Maine studio and online using Skype. Brian teaches children and adults of any level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Students can learn acoustic or electric guitar, and fingerstyle or pick playing. Styles taught include classical, rock and pop, blues, jazz, folk and country. Sight-reading, music theory, and learning by ear are skills all students will develop.
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