John Casablancas

John Casablancas



We endeavor to have our students succeed and reccomend activities and sources for advancement. We have an agency - active in Acting and modeling- MTM Agency.

Our staff are experienced and professional .We offer the best advice and direction geared to the student's ability.


Hired 2 times
12 employees
41 years in business
Serves Plymouth , MI


Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Acting venue(s)

Theater, Improv theater, Musical theater, Film, TV episode, TV commercial, Radio

People in group

2-4 people, 5 or more people

Acting focus area(s)

Expand vocal range, Strengthen vocal projection, Refine vocal expression

Students goals

To prepare for an audition, To build confidence, To explore as a hobby, To continue professional development

Acting type(s)

Scene study, Cold reading, Method acting, Improv, Physical theater and movement

Student's age

11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Photos and videos

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    Frequently asked questions

    Invite to audition with a qualifed staff member who will provide a sincere discussion of the opportunities availble and the best course to proceed. 

    All Instructors and coaches who are chosen to counsel our students  have had extensive personal experience and professional training in their respective fields.

    Pricing depends on level of prior experience and/or training and may vary for advanced training.

    Beginning students with no prior experience will be encouraged  to complete a successive series of training curricula to be better prepared.

    John Casablancas Centers have been teaching since 1985.

    All ages, genders, ethnicities.

    Services offered