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Crazy Fun Cooking



I have been cooking for years. ( And I mean years) I have worked every station in the kitchen, I have learned from my past employees and they have learned frome. I specialize in healthy eating and all those weird diet trends, as well as seafood dishes, risotto, homemade pasta and sauces as well as just making items up. I have taught cooking classes through variuva restaurants that I worked at as well as on my own. I think cooking should be fun and personalized, so that's what I do. I will customize the recipes to meet your standards and taste for any reason, and it's healthy. I also, have given shopping lessons, in which I will go shopping with you and show you how to choose fruits and vegetables and introduce you to other items you may not have known about.

Learning from the people I work with.


1 employee
5 years in business
Serves Burnsville , MN

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Frequently asked questions

Get to know what they like, personalize the recipes to fit them.

Classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu, sous chef at 3 different restaurants around mpls, chef de cuisine at two different restaurants

Prices are in tiers. 

We start out with a hourly rate plus the price of food. ( I buy the food, you keep what I buy, except for basic on hand ingredients that I have and use)

Basic is items that are not expensive. And I will teach them 1 or 2 recipes are $30 to $ 50

Medium is a little bit more expensive items and maybe 2-3 recipes learned . Price is $50 - $75

High, is the best cuts of meat or expensive seafood, 2-5 recipes learned depending on difficulty to recipe. Price is $75 - $150

I started doing cooking lessons while working at a restaurant and I loved it.

I have worked with kids from 6-18, and adults up to 80 years young.

Well, I will admit I don't have much of a life. I am a mother, work as a chef and attend school full time. But I do love PRIDE, and I try to make it to at least one day.

Make sure you get what you want, the teacher should be flexible with developing recipes toeet your needs.

"do I really want to commit to lessons" and make sure you are comfortable with the teacher.

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