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Offers online services
Offers online services


Peace and Blessings! My teaching focuses on my student's strengths and reasons for learning. I ensure that students are taught from a personalized curriculum that brings them closer to their goals while emphasizing the choreography and performing arts fundamentals that will prepare and enrich them for life. I am passionate about dance, interpretive drama and poetry alongside acting in various roles of theatre. I believe I can engage any curious or dedicated student with this eclectic mix of perspectives and experience.


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Serves Minneapolis , MN
Offers online services

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How often

Once a week, Multiple times a week, Recommendations available

Student age(s)

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Number of students

One person, Two people, A group of 3 – 5 people, A group of 6 – 10+ people

Dance style

Hip hop / K-Pop, Line dancing, Swing, Belly dancing, Salsa, Dance fitness / Zumba, Breakdancing, Bachata, Modern / Contemporary, Bollywood

Goals and interests

Developing a hobby, Preparing for a wedding, Preparing for an event or performance, Working out and physical health

Photos and videos

  • Action Shot
  • Body Prayers - Tap In
  • NCC JAPAN 日本•2010

  • Reviews

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    Ben H.

    Julian did a hip-hop dance lesson for my previous employers wellness program. It was extremely fun and everyone who came loved it. Julian has a very fun engaging personality, and even though this was a pretty basic lesson (as requested), I still feel like I myself personally learned a lot in that short session.
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    October 06, 2018


    Sela H.

    He is so full of life and passion! Even if I just saw him in the hallway, he’d always be dancing. Jahneal inspired me to express myself and be proud of who I am. Also, he always made me feel like my existence was important and that he was happy to see me. Jahneral made such a strong, positive impact on my life and I will never forget him.
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    October 06, 2018


    Alex M.

    Dedicated and compassionate about students and his craft!
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    October 05, 2018


    Bella R.

    I’m a young female and he not only would teach me technique but he also would work to instill confidence within me. He would make sure we keep our keep our chins up and and would help us understand how to show strength and power within our movement. The Jahneral bring tons of energy and passion to every lesson and makes everything fun while still maintaining professionalism and high standards.
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    October 05, 2018


    Fuck Y.

    His optimism and the fact that he speaks to every human as if they were truly equal
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    April 19, 2018


    Alison K.

    He is very welcoming. He makes everyone feel like they belong. He is patient and very kind. Never in my life have I met someone with a passion and drive as strong his. He is great with adults and he is great with kids! I highly recommend him!!
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    April 19, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    The process of working with a new student is usually very steady and calm. Before we even begin any kind of choreography or training skills of any sort. I've developed a method of consultation and having dialogue with the student. Taking the time out to have these conversations in the begining will benefit so much more later on. During dialogue and consultation I encourgae the students to share goals, timelines and agendas. Establish expectations and schedules whether it's a series of classes or personal choreography. 

    I'm confident enough to share that I have a great wealth of training and education relating to my work(s) in dance. I've been priviledged to have "the best of both worlds" you could say. I've been able to learn and train in the academic institution setting as well as on site. I've trained under the most exceptional instructors and teachers in my own native Twin Cities, nationally and abroad. 

    There is a pricing system created to compensate for the time, work and efforts put into teaching lessons. However I prefer to have a dialogue of consultation before moving forward with any lessons. Once I'm aware of the goals, agenda, timelines and desires of the student(s) at hand. Then I can see how that fits into my pricing system. However my standard pricing for lessons can be discussed with serious inquires via email [email protected] 

    It wasn't until I reached my high schools very own Dance Department when my itch to teach had just begun. On the day my teacher had to be out sick for the day was the day my gifts began to display. The substitute teacher had no kind of dance or arts background at all not to mention classroom management skills. My peer to peer support had given me the advantage however to be naturally facilitating the class was another thing. After that day I could only make my own voyage into teaching. 

    Since I've established my comittment to teaching and especially teaching the youth. I have had opportunities to teach varioius walks of life. Students of all ages, levels, experience, socio-economic backgrounds and even special needs. Even teaching abroad, I've worked with students with language barriers that are always broken, why you ask? Dance is a universal language. 

    This past June 2016 I was apart of choreographers evening called "Rooted; Hip Hop Choreographers Evening" housed at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN. This choreographers evening is the first of it's kind because it's the only one dedicated to display and give platform to hip hop dance. Not only just hip hop but all the styles, genres and disciplines fitting under the umbrella of hip hop dance. This past June was it's 5th anniversary with that I co-currate, stage manage and performed in it. This was a pivotal event for the hip hop dance community here in MN. Not to mention this choreograpgers evening is Sage Award winning as well. 

    Advice I would give to students is to have a dialogue with the teacher you are seeking to hire. Be specific in the goals and agenda that you as the student desire from your lessons and teacher. Once you've established those points then you can move forward into a better success rate. 

    Students should analyze and seriously think through the goals and objectives they wish to achieve above all things. 

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    Services offered

    Public Speaking
    Wedding Dance