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Kaliberda Dance Lessons

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I spent many years in rhythmic gymnastics and have had lots of experience with the competitive world and what judges are looking for. I have also been dancing my whole life and have assisted many classes, including stretch classes, ballet classes, and conditioning classes. I have also choreographed multiple dances for different performances.

I love connecting with people who are just as passionate about dance. I love seeing a big smile on someone's face when they figure out a step.


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Jillian T.

Melissa is a great instructor. It was my first time learning a choreographed dance and she really broke the dance moves down for me. She was extremely patient and wonderful to work with.
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November 05, 2020
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Daniela K.

Melissa is an amazing choreographer! She never fails to impress. She helped my gymnastics team choreograph many end of the year performances that the crowd always raves about after. She has a talent that will follow her through the rest of her life.
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June 13, 2017

Julia S.

I had a very great experience with Melissa Kaliberda when she choreographed a dance for me. Amazing teacher!!
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June 13, 2017

Frequently asked questions

It all depends on the level of expertise and training. A student who is lacking the basics of rhythmic gymnastics such as flexibility, endurance, and artistry must start from there. Basic skills with the rope, ball, hoop, etc. will become incorporated as well. 

I spent eight years in rhythmic gymnastics and competed at plenty of competitions. I learned about what a judge specifically looks for in a gymnast and what is required of every rhythmic gymnastics level. 

I do not have a standard pricing system. 

I began assisting classes during my time as a rhythmic gymnast and realized that I really loved choreographing and could create dances for other students. 

I work with younger students, mainly ages 5-10.

I choreographed a dance for the End of the Year Performance of a rhythmic gymnastics team located in Bergen County, NJ. I choreographed a dance, two years in a row, for a Holocaust remembrance organization. The performance was at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Do not hire the teacher based on age. I am 15 years old but I, along with many of my previous team members are now teaching/assisting classes at various locations and are using our past experience to our students' aid. I also speak Russian in addition to English which is an important thing to look at since some students are more comfortable speaking in their first/second language.

A student must think about their goal and what they want to achieve in a certain amount of time. A student must be ready to take on the amount of work the instructor then suggests based on the student's goal. Their needs to be a mutual relationship between a student and his/her teacher. If a student doesn't want to try and has no motivation, there is nothing a coach can do. 

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