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At Greekalicious we care about you and your health.

We cook with ingredients that are respectful and loving to you and the environment. 

We use seasonal certified organic ingredients wherever possible and ingredients that are GMO-free. 

We use certified Greek organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece the origins of olive oil making in all our cooking and not the unhealthy cotton seed, canola, soy and vegetable oils that many other eating establishments use. 

We strive to be and to provide the best cooking classes when it comes to the use of quality ingredients, good energy and service.  

Above all we practice an Ancient Greek tradition of cooking with “agapi” (Unconditional Love) and harmony. We cook all our dishes adopting the healing Ancient Greek wisdoms and philosophies that lead to harmonious health and longevity.

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  • Olympic On Air magazine, issue Winter 2012 (In Greek and English)

    “An ambassador of Greek cuisine. A woman full of love for cooking and her Greek heritage but at the same time passionate about reviving the ancient wisdoms and philosophies which apply not only to cooking but also but also to every aspect of life”.

  • The Australian, January 31, 2009. Judith Elen, “Class Acts”.

    SOME cooking schools teach classic techniques (sauces, boning birds, knife skills) or specialist skills such as chocolate or pastry making and others the practical ins and outs of family food. Among the most transporting trips into food education are those that unveil national cuisines: travel while you cook. Maria Benardis’s Sydney school, Greekalicious, is one of these, and her knowledge of the food of her homeland and its most ancient origins is inspirational. Benardis, who is evangelic about Greece and its food…the depth of Benardis’s commitment to her calling and her research is limitless. She is on a mission to reveal the subtlety and diversity of Greek food and to dispel the false impression that the cuisine is exemplified by lamb, filo pastry pies and the ubiquitous “Greek salad” (such a thing does not exist, she says; every island has its speciality and the hundreds of salads that could be called Greek are all different).” “There are no complicated techniques; the focus is on seeing how it is done and, importantly, understanding the nature of the food and its ancient origins. Short of being there ourselves, this is surely our most direct line to the authentic food of the islands. Things can only turn into an odyssey from here”.

  • TV – Channel 7, Sydney Weekender

    “To be a Greek God of your kitchen, get sizzling with Greekalicious!” Channel 7, Sydney Weekender.

  • Vogue Entertaining & Travel

    “Maria Benardis is a living Greek culinary dictionary barely pausing for breath to explain the etymology, philosophy and cultural significance of each dish in her impressive repertoire. And now the founder of Greekalicious cooking school in Sydney is on a mission to teach authentic Greek cuisine and its traditions.”

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