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Xavier School of Dance is here to serve the people with their hopes to either dance in their professional arena or to simply learn how to social dance with anyone. We teach many different styles of dance to our students so that they are able to dance anywhere in the world. We believe in keeping our students spirits alive and with strong faith that they can dance. We believe in bringing our students comfort level up to a status of confidence. We understand the importance of teaching our students the fundamentals’ of having techniques, standard, structure, understanding the musicality portions of dancing, and bringing their flavor to the dance in general....

Xavier School of Dance receives our enjoyment from the looks of joy and expressions that we observe in the faces of our students when they are learning and understanding. Similarly, that joy is the opening of Xavier’s School of Dance and why it was open. In particular, we enjoy teaching followers and leaders how to follow and lead so that they can dance any dance properly. We pride ourselves in knowing that our main focus is on creating and teaching the basic principle of partner dance in general


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Ingrid M.

My husband and I take Hustle dance lessons from the most marvellous instructor Xavier Cadeau. We entered his class, as street Hustle dancers and through Xaviers expertise and knowledge, we are transitioning to ballroom Hustle dancers.
As an instructor, Xavier is extremely patient and makes every effort to ensure that he explains the Hustle dance fundamentally to all his students. He breaks down the movements scientifically to provide one the best opportunity to fully comprehend, structurally, how to properly execute the technique.
He is always positive and sees the potential in all of his students. I enjoy him, as an instructor, and recommend him highly.
If you want to learn how to Hustle in a fun-filled and nurturing environment, I invite you to Xaviers School of Dance.
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December 08, 2017


Yasmine P.

Xavier is an awesome dance instructor. He makes the lessons fun, easy, comfortable and exciting. I’ve had other dance instructors prior to Xavier, and I can honestly say that he has surpassed my expectations. He works my butt off, but it’s always fun. I feel comfortable, confident and always eager for the next lesson. Xavier is very precise with his teaching method and catches every little mistake that you make and patiently works with you until you master the steps or pattern that he wants you to learn; and boy, he has many patterns and turns to learn. With him, it’s not only about learning the dance steps but also learning to maintain the proper posture and poses to look like a natural on the dance floor. Dancing with him has built my confidence to such a high, that I actually look forward to going dancing and no longer feel that I have two left feet; I am no longer nervous or timid on the dance floor and really enjoy dancing with others (I enjoy it when others gather around to watch us dance). If you’re looking for an instructor who has a passion for dancing, and takes pride in teaching, then he is absolutely the one for you. The other reason that I appreciate him, so much, is his flexibility to come to my house and do the lessons. His passion, pride, and his love for dancing puts him a step above the others…He was born for this. I recommend him highly to all of my friends. I promise you will love him.
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November 22, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Our dance programs are geared towards all Novices, beginners, intermediate, advance and professional levels dancers. We first teach all our students about the importance of the basics dance structures for partner dancing. We pay close attention to each students needs and comfort level. We believe in assisting our students in every way that affords them the ability to learn how to dance with enjoyment and comfort. We are pleased when students in our group lessons are able to comprehend the lessons at hand yet we do understand that some students may have difficulties with learning or keeping up in a group lesson. Therefore, we provide them with the extra care of attention to help keep them in a progressive state of mind. We believe our entire student body has the right to learn and it is our responsibility to see that they do. Overall, we want you to have fun while learning.

My training comes from a diversity of professional perpetrations throughout my life. I started with the *Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, from 1985 to 1989.  The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, academic taught me about technique and bringing my flavor from my most innersole by dramatically expressing the upper torso through Body movements. I continued with my training at the *Eddie Torres until the 1994 and later went back for more training in early 2001 to 2004. Here I was able to learn about his intricate partner turn patterns along with the appreciation for musicality. Training under the Eddie Torres curriculum allowed me to understand more about teaching other students as well affording me to meet and greet with lots of trained dancers in and around the world. I was unrelenting about learning all that I could and went on to train with *Rebecca Abas at the Four Season Dance Studio from 1995 onto 2001. There I studied the International Ballroom. I learned how to be competitive in the dance competeions. I later went on to train with the *Latin Fever Dance Studio. I was able to learn over 300 fancy foot shines and do plenty of partner-work techniques. Training under Latin Fever Dance Studio has allowed me the opportunity to understand how to teach the social aspect to dancing.   

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Ailey




Students are welcome to pay a monthly payment or $60.00 for the month with the options of paying half price for any other dance class that we offer. Students can also pay as a walk-in for all group dance class at our standard price of $20.00. We do provide private for individual and group classes to institutions and outside events. Please ask about that when you call us at Xavier School of Dance at 347-488-9141

My desire came from teaching my friends and family. I always had the will to teach and very passionate in doing so. I started teaching professionally in the early part of 1994 at Four Season Dance Studio and presently.  

I have worked with adults and kids of the blind and deaf, of autism, as well as miss-behaved kids. My clients also include the slow learner as well as fast learner. In addition to, we have clients of novice, beginners, intermediates’, advance to professional competitors. So we welcome all!!!



Omar is a male student of mine who came to me to learn how to dance. He had no previous dance experience and mentioned that he was not sure if he could learn. I assured him that I could teach him and signed him up for the NY Hustle Dance classes. I told him that if he listens to my instructions he will be dancing very soon. Omar was shy about learning to dance. However, after about a year of lessons, Omar head enough confidence on the dance floor and that brought joy in my heart to the point I wanted to cry out with pure joy and excitement. When I saw his confidence a year later, I knew I was teaching the right art and that made me proud but most importantly seeing my students’ success.

Look for and listen to your potential instructor before starting with them. Look for how they are teaching their students in a class and how they interact with them doing their social dance functions. Check to see if they are able to tell you what you are doing well or not doing well


You should ask any question about your personal injuries, about your medical conditions, and or about your learning style. These questions should be asked or told to any potential instructors before starting a dance class



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