Learn Drums By Ear!

Learn Drums By Ear!

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I'm a self taught drummer with over 30 years of experience playing professionally. I tour all over the world with bands like LEZ ZEPPELIN, etc. If you're a beginner, or an intermediate player that wants to learn how to play by ear, and feel, and just learn how to be a PRO PLAYER... I'm your instructor! I can help you shape up your technique, and help you relate your playing to what bands want from drummers. I am mostly familiar with Rock & Roll (all types, except death metal), and Blues.

From a very early age, I knew that drums were my passion. However, growing up in the 70's, "girls didn't play drums". It was a boy's club. I didn't care. I always played with the boys anyway, so why was that going to stop me? I had this constant meter pulsating in me. Mom constantly telling me to stop beating on the table and counters! Well, in 78', I saw my first rock show (black Sabbath w/ van halen) and that's all it took...I wanted a set of drums!

I've been playing ever since. By the age of 16, I was in a professional bar band, playing classic rock in the bars around Houston, TX. My band mates were all men in their 20's & 30's. They could care less that I was 16. They just wanted a drummer with good meter and feel. They taught me so much about being a pro. I thank those guys every day.

Over the past 3 decades, I've recorded many records/CDs/EPs , toured all over the US-playing in 49 of the 50 states, and played in some of the coolest countries that I never thought I'd ever see..like India, Poland, Singapore, France, UK, and many more. There is nothing I would rather be doing with my life. Of course there have been ups and downs, but when you have a dream that you just have to follow, you will sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed to get where you have to be!


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Ibrahim D.

From the first day Leesa understood the key pain points i had as a beginner, and in just a few weeks of lessons working on my grip, timing and combination play, my overall drumming skills have improved to the point where i freestyle with ease.
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May 11, 2017
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Cass K.

Leesa was a phenomenal teacher. She worked one on one with me for awhile getting me to the point where I was able to do many things on my own and more rapidly. She gave me lots of guidance and techniques that I still use in my drumming today. To this day I credit her in helping me get to where I am today. I would recommend everyone go to Leesa!
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August 31, 2016

Frequently asked questions

I charge:

$40/ 30 min lesson

$60/60 min lesson


Requirements for lessons include:

Student should have own drums,or a practice pad, for practicing. Lesson can be done at the residence of the student, or at a studio in Manhattan (cost split btwn instructorand pupil..approx $12 each). I REQUIRE 24 HRS FOR A CANCELLATION OF THE LESSON. IF CANCELLATION IS MADE WITHIN THE 24 HRS,HALF OF THE PAYMENT WILL BE EXPECTED. 

I've worked with all types of students. From beginners, to intermediate players, to 4 year olds! 

I PREFER to work with intermediate, and advanced players who are looking to learn how to find their inner meter. How to learn what musicians in bands are looking for in a drummer and how to play like it. However, I will work with anyone who is willing to learn and put the time and effort in to being the best they can be.

in 2013, I played a gig in London with LEZ ZEPPELIN and Jimmy Page showed up. he came backstage to meet us after the show. He told me that he was really taken by the way not only the band played, but by the way I really channeled John Bonham. To me, that was more than a compliment. It really made me feel like all the work I had put in to learning all the music, and all the emotion I put in to the shows, was worth it. Since then, he has mentioned me in a few publications when asked about our band. THAT really blows me away!

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