Acting, Public Speaking And The Art Of Improv

Acting, Public Speaking And The Art Of Improv

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Offers online services
Offers online services


In the approach to discovering or refining process and technique, it is crucial to explore all facets of the individual self as you learn your instrument.

The goal is to have each student discover their possibilities as an actor and public speaker; to have acknowledgment of their progress, along with awareness of self, in which there is a sense of complete autonomy within the individual. We dive in to the training using known methods, with an aim to transform and hone the dimensions of your instrument. Getting there, we may explore some Shakespeare text or other text that stretches the dexterity of thought while speaking, some imagination and speech exercises, and improv games that are some of my favorite one on ones. We may also train with specific text of your choice.

We would also dive in to a thorough exploration of your individual voice, by going over brief, but detailed anatomy, along with sound exercises that involve some physical movement. We would of course discuss the range of physical movement and comfort.

As a conducting undertone of awareness and specificity, I slowly integrate exercising the Alexander Technique. The technique is compared to others such as the Feldenkrais Method, or Yoga and Meditation.

It is thrilling to see people discover more of their instrument, more of themselves. The parts that perhaps they weren't sure they had. Tools that are within the individual that can be called upon. The secret artist within. Whether it's for your need to express the spectrum of human emotion, journey of thought, or simply explore what it would be like to be someone else, it's a wonderful challenge to find the right tools to get to our destination. I believe some moments are like finding a treasure together and everyone present in the room gets to share the exitement of that discovery.


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    Linda C.

    Jorge Chacon really helped me get familiar and comfortable with the words of Shakespeare. His way of teaching in tone, diction and action not only helped me memorize the monologue I was performing at the time, but also made me love the words that I read. Jorges teaching skills, lessons and strategies are definitely something that I will take with me throughout my acting career.
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    December 10, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I gauge their concept and comfort level with acting and public speaking, as well as gather their notion on movement through space. 

    Graduate of the Juilliard School, N.Y.

    Alum of the Young Shakespeare Workshop in Seattle, Washington, and served as a teaching artist in YSW for 10 years. 

    I charge per lesson. Each lesson is an hour, or two hours with a break. I am open to have group sessions or individual coaching. 

    I started teaching after graduating from the Young Shakespeare Workshop, YSW, in Seattle, Washington. I continued to teach in programs throughout the country as a teaching artist while attending Juilliard. 

    I've worked with mostly middle school and highschool students in groups. Privately I've coached young adults as well as graduates and fellow peers. 

    An old high school student of mine from Seattle, now a college graduate, sent me a message expressing how he now feels more of his voice in the room with confidence and ease. 

    Is it about imposing and following a set way, or discovering and allowing evolution. 

    I would begin with asking: Where would I like to get to and who could help with offering the tools to get there. Does their experience serve the goals I am setting out for myself? 

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