Dragan Nesic Tennis Training

Dragan Nesic Tennis Training

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I can help every student beginner intermediate or advanced to get to next level in their tennis game , or shape they desire to be Using sport psychology, motivation techniques , self talk, or positive mind set - thinking and clearly set goal, everybody can get to their dreamed goal. I am PE teacher, graduated in university of Nis , Faculty Physical Education 1986. I am USPTA certified tennis professional with over 20 years of experience in clubs of Cleveland I am running my tennis program in the city parks for convenience of my students. I am teaching sports all my life. I asses the character, of the student, as a starting point. Using interview and ability test. When knowing person , group , and their goal, i chose easy to follow drills, and conduct them in fun environment . I use music, yoga, stretching, and positive self talk breathing technique along with visualization of their success

The begest moment is A Ha moment when student conect with message i am sanding them , and addopt new habit .

This moment of light on their face is motiv to learn and keep descovering new methods of teaching to help my students.

This is how we share light on the court and life


Serves Twinsburg , OH


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Ravi C.

Dragan Nesic is an Excellent coach with perfect timings. He has been coaching my boys for the past 2+ years and I could see a lot of improvements in them.
Nesics style keeps the boys stay attentive to! , He is very patient and I would recommend Dragan Nesic
with no hesitation.
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October 25, 2016


My daughter and I I have been taking tennis lessons from Dragan since 2008. Dragan is an excellent instructor. His teaching method is very effective. Dragan is also a very pleasant person who works very well with both kids and adults.
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October 23, 2016

Radu B.

Ive known Dragan for 20 plus years.
Having taught along side him - I can attest first hand of his passion, heart and love for teaching tennis. The care he takes to make sure his students get the best possible coaching has always impressed me about Dragan.
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October 13, 2016

Adella B.

I have found Dragan Nesic to be an excellent instructor. He is able to see the aspects of the tennis skills that need to be improved and to teach the skills and strategies in ways that are understandable and effective. He is kind, friendly, and very encouraging.
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October 11, 2016

Dragan K.

Mr. Nesic is experienced, professional, dedicated and passionate about his job. My son learned a lot and enjoyed lessons with Mr. Nesic.
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October 10, 2016

Frequently asked questions

Inroduction, learning name, expirience, how long do you paly 

 evaluation, hiting from cloce distance, to see body movment 

and ball controle, emotional state - comfort level, 

goal setting , today, you are becoming better at FH BH timing 

worm up , with a ball , corrective teniques , for volley , serve,

Use of techique in game situation, and enjoying succes 

Uspta certified tennis professional, 

Faculty for Sports  and Physical Education - Universyty Nis - Serbia,

USPTA Conference 

private 1 hour $60

           1/2 h   $30   

groop lesson    $20 

At age 15 i starting being demonstator for my teachers and coaches , and liked that role, when my skill is model for others

decided to become teacher and coach of sport helth  culture

Beginers, intermidiate , advanced all ages and gender , diferent goal orientation, and recreational approach , 

heigh school teams  boys and girls, usta doble teams and single players 

atp tennis - fascinates me alwayes with new ideas on the court and abilyty of players to execute more than expected acuracy 

Look for certifed teacher - pro with - lot of expiriance with diferent levels up to date  information from world class coaches on circuet . This people are on cutting edge with technologie mind and body limits.

Ask them how long it will take tham to fix your serve, volley , or timing of grounstrokes, or return 

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