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The Ballroom Dance Company was created to share the joy and benefits of dancing by providing a friendly, positive, and knowledgeable atmosphere that allows you to meet people and learn a life long skill. We consider teaching people to dance a privilege and our personal goal. We provide each student with a personalized program for their individual needs to creatively express themselves, exercise, socialize, and enhance their current dance skills.

If you are interested learning more about how we can help you achieve your dance/social goals please contact us. The coordinators and I would love to help.


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Frequently asked questions

Top 10 Reasons to Take Private Lessons

1. The fastest way to improve your dancing is through private lessons.
2. Private lessons progress at your own pace.
3. Privates are booked to meet your scheduling needs.
4. Privates allow you 100% individualized attention from your teacher.
5. In private lessons your teacher customizes your choreography to maximize your strengths & improve your individual weaknesses.
6. Private lessons provide a discreet environment where you can feel comfortable to ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group.
7. Private lessons allow you to focus on your own dancing while dancing with a professional, unlike group classes where you must take into account your amateur partner(s) weaknesses.
8. You select the dance(s) and details you want to work on in your private lesson.
9. Privates enable you to feel the highest quality technique while dancing with your instructor, instead of just listening and watching to your instructor in a group class setting.
10. Private lessons are essential for dancers who seek success in competition. Your most effective tool to taking your dancing to a performance/competition level of proficiency.

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson is one-on-one instruction between you and your teacher,or you, your partner, and your teacher. Private lessons range from 45 minutes to 1 hour long, and prices range $70-$95, depending on the skill level of your Instructor.

Most people prefer to take private lessons "alone" (1-on-1 instruction with a professional dancer). However if you bring a partner, you can split the cost of the lesson (private lessons cost the same for up to 5 students sharing the lesson).

Visit our Partner Search Page for help finding a partner. The easiest way to find a partner will be to attend group classes & social dances, where you will get to 'test drive' many potential partners, without the pressure of an offical 'partner try-out.'

A private lesson is your chance to clarify what you learned in a group class and further refine your technique. You can cover one dance or several during your lessons and cover specific questions such as how to execute a particular figure or how to more effectively lead. Your instructor will break down steps to their simplest forms and show you pattern variations to increase your versatility.

You'll receive personalized feedback during your private lesson while you work at your own pace.

To increase the overall class learning curve, instructors set up organized Beginning level group classes are an inexpensive opportunity to learn patterns and meet new people. However group class instructors cannot give students extensive individual feedback in a group class setting. And group classes must progress at the 'average' level of the class, which may be too easy or too slow for you.

Private lesson students often choose to Compete or Perform. Competition and performance opportunities are available in our studio for dancers of all skill levels, including newcomers. Dancers without an amateur partner can also compete in Pro-Am Competition. Performing or competing are a fabulous incentive to improve your dancing!

Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns, but there is no substitute for working one-on-one in a private dance lesson with an accomplished instructor to learn the finer points of dancing. Private lessons will greatly improve your dancing skill. And if you wish to compete (successfully), private lessons with a highly accomplished instructor are essential.

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