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  • Solid Macro Studios

    Solid Macro Studios

    Memphis, TN · Mathew Cherry

    I teach music theory, and voice too. I have been playing off and on professionally now for about 10 years. I am 26, and as a performer, I am addicted. I am teaching now to help others, especially kids, learn to jam with other people. It's a lost art as most musicians don't understand theory these days, and most of them have no idea what it means to listen and work with to other people. Things I focus on: -Well rounded Musicianship -Organized practice sessions -Chord, and scale theory -Reading music and tablature -Basic Piano lessons to learn theory -Voice Lessons (For those who want to sin
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  • Jason / Prescient Moon Percussion

    Jason / Prescient Moon Percussion

    Capleville, TN · Jason Guitar

    My teaching approach: I ascribe to a student-centered learning program, aka - i teach to my student's self-direction. What the student want's to know is what I teach. Typically a novice student is playing basic material within two to six weeks based on skill level. My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Anywhere in the Memphis area. Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerpicking, Slide Guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scale
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  • Jimmy Ellis Guitar Lessons

    Jimmy Ellis Guitar Lessons

    Capleville, TN · Jimmy Ellis

    My teaching approach: Specializing in Guitar and Mandolin Chord Transposition, Scales, Arpeggios and Tab My influences are: So Many! My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: U of M Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerstyle, Slide Guitar, Performance, Jamming Skills, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing

  • Chase Craven Guitar Lessons

    Chase Craven Guitar Lessons

    Capleville, TN · Chase Craven

    My teaching approach: I usually sit down and talk to the student for a few minutes to figure out what their immediate and long-term goal with the instrument are. After that is established, I like to start with the foundations of music theory and basic guitar technique. After the student has begun to acquire a basic command of the instrument, we move into learning songs. I let the student choose the songs and music they want to learn, while occasionally assigning songs of my choosing which I feel would help the student reach his/her musical goals. The student will be sent home with materials to
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  • Jason Partain Guitar Lessons

    Jason Partain Guitar Lessons

    Memphis, TN · Jason Partain

    My teaching approach: Hello there ! if you're reading this you've came to the right place !! I have an Ibanez ART100 electric guitar, a boss ME 25 multi effects/loop station and a 65 watt Kustom amplifier . I have a thorough knowledge of music . I will teach you how to find the 1,4,5 chord progression in any key. i will teach you all of the scales for lead guitar in any key. i will teach you all of the chords . i will show you the relative major and minors to every note! so come learn today ! My influences are: Jerry Cantrell , Jimmy Paige , Kirk Hammet , John Frusciante ,Tom Morello , Slash ,
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  • Alex Music Studio

    Alex Music Studio

    Memphis, TN · Alex Ovando

    Hi, my name is Alex. I have been a Music teacher for15 years and have been playing music instruments since I was 10 years old. I am an enthusiastic teacher and I love teaching for so many reasons. The way I teach is simple, I teach my students how to play correctly while having fun. Whether you are a beginner or someone with a few years experience, take lessons with me and I promise that you will get better and enjoy your lessons. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals! Experienced Fun Passionate about teaching
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  • Rande Johnson Guitar And Ukulele Lessons

    Rande Johnson Guitar And Ukulele Lessons

    Memphis, TN · Rande Johnson

    I have been playing guitar since I was 10 years old, and fell in love with it from the beginning. I am currently working in releasing my own work as a musician, and have a lot of experience performing. Learning guitar can be very repetitive and tiresome, so making sure that learning is enjoyable is a main priority.

  • Beginning Guitar, Dobro, Bass, Or Accordion Lessons

    Beginning Guitar, Dobro, Bass, Or Accordion Lessons

    Memphis, TN · John Cornelius Butler

    NOW is the perfect time to sign up for beginning Guitar, Dobro, Bass, or Accordion lessons.I currently have guitar students between the ages of 12 and 60. I've found that kids need to be about 8-9 to be able to physically play the guitar, but younger kids can learn the dobro, bass, and accordion. Sign up NOW for a lesson time between 5:00-7:00 p.m. on weeknights. I currently play acoustic guitar and dobro in a local bluegrass band. Let me know what songs or what band you like, and I'll teach you THOSE songs in chords that are easier to play as a beginner, then teach you how to play those songs
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Memphis Guitar Lessons

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Memphis Guitar Lessons

Randy Toma · Memphis, TN

What or who inspired you to start teaching?

I began teaching guitar at 15 in 1973, working for a local piano studio. -My mom had to drive me to work, as I didn’t have a driver’s license yet! I just thought I could, as I’d been taking private lessons since I was 7. My first teacher was North America’s premier cellist, and taught all stringed instruments.

My next teacher was Mr. Fusco, a graduate of the great Andre Segovia music school. He was a true renowned guitar professional, written up in international guitar journals. I’d had 2 great teachers, and felt confident in my abilities to share what I’d learned. I had 8 adults taking classical guitar lessons from me, all standard notation. Not TAB, no computers!

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing a student “get it” -that lightbulb going off when it finally makes sense. The “A-ha! moments.”

What types of students have you worked with?

I have taught children, teens, adults, retirees, groups. Everything from grade-school dropouts without a GED to PhD/MDs. Students who were from other countries, other hemispheres, students who had never held a guitar to piano virtuosos. The guitar doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve done, you must do it the guitar’s way, before you can do it ‘your way.’

The one determining factor in your success on the guitar is DESIRE. If you have the mindset to ‘make it happen,’ you will, and nothing will stand in your way. We all do what we want to do. In general, that amounts to these 6 words: “Time On The Fretboard Between Lessons.” Too often, students understand the concepts, and can grasp the material, but “Understanding How To is not the same as Being Able To.”

Tell us about your passion for teaching

I guess I got it from my 2 teachers. Teaching and performing were their only jobs, and it is mine also. I just feel compelled to share, and explain what I’ve gathered over the decades. I feel my job is to shorten the learning curve, to teach what I know is essential and explains the way things work. So many teachers just teach “the what and the where.”

I teach the ‘How & the Why’ things work. It’s not just about memorizing, but more about understanding. All music shares basic fundamental concepts, just like art, or writing, or any creative field. You’ve got to know the basics before you can refine the particulars. Whether it’s basketball, physics, singing, every field of study starts with the fundamentals, and expands outwards. This is so crucial to enable growth and an understanding of the subject.

What advice would you give aspiring students?

I have witnessed so many students grow and succeed, that I know it is possible to reach your goals. One interesting pattern I have observed: most students start out and don’t develop much in the first few months. Then, as if by magic, they ‘leapfrog’ up and are suddenly playing at a level much higher than they were! I have seen it in myself, in hindsight. So, don’t stop, just because you feel you’re not progressing as fast as you thought you would. (Everyone thinks they’ll be great in just a few weeks!) It takes time; consistent “Staying at it,” but it will pay off. Here’s the strange thing:

“It gets easier and easier! The beginning is the hardest part. Like pushing a car that’s come to a dead stop: The first 5 feet are the hardest, but the last 5 feet ….the car is flying down the road, and you have to jump in to put on the brakes! Realize anything worthwhile takes persistence. "