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Offers online services
Offers online services


Natalya is one of the youngest Professional Latin dancers in the United States DanceSport industry, and a well-known instructor and choreographer in Washington's dance community. With almost a decade of experience, she believes that anyone can dance if they put in the effort, and is excited to be a part of your journey!

Her devoted participation in competitions and passionate performances in shows around the area with her partner and a wide variety of students shows dedication and passion towards the craft.

Aside from working her way up to training with the top Ballroom and Latin coaches in the world, Natalya has explored the worlds of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, and contemporary dance in order to diversify her training and artistry. She has been a member of the Seattle dance companies "Breed Seattle", "Westsiders", and "Black Floor Collective" parallel to competing at a national level with her partner. She now dedicates her time to mentoring and directing multiple diverse Performance Groups from ages 7-55. Her classes range from serious Ballroom and Latin training for competing children and adults, to Social Dancing, Dance Fitness, Contemporary, Heels intensives, and Event-based choreography such as Wedding Dances and FlashMobs!


14 years in business
Serves Redmond , WA
Offers online services

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    Olena V.

    Natalya is a great instructor, very professional, inspiring and encouraging! She is also demanding, which means she really cares about your progress.
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    April 05, 2018



    If I could give 10 stars to Natalya, I would! She is an awesome dancer, great instructor, and a wonderful human being. She is so good that she would be able to make a good dancer out of somebody with 2 left feet. She is very passionate about dancing, very patient with her students, and it is obvious that she loves what she is doing. Natalya is the best!
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    January 29, 2018



    Natalya is absolutely wonderful versatile teacher. She is super caring and wonderful human being. She thought our 9 year old daughter, my husband and me. We all had a great time, learned a lot and still continue to take classes from her. Highly recommend her to people who want just to have fun and exercise by leaning to dance ( beats going to the gym :0) as well as people who would like to compete and perform.
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    January 19, 2018



    She is the best teacher around !
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    January 19, 2018


    Del S.

    Natalya is PASSIONATE dancer, dedicated teacher, kind, loving & lovable HUMAN!
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    January 18, 2018


    Brent D.

    Have you ever felt total comfort with someone while doing an uncomfortable activity? A feeling of trust so strong that you ignore your insecurities and just do what theyre helping you to do? Become so oblivious to your insecurities because of the sheer wonderment you have at how good this person is at helping others?
    Thats lessons with Natalya.
    Im an awkward, gangly guy. I had zero dance experience. I was so afraid to start learning how to dance.
    When I started with Natalya, it was comfortable and fun from the get-go. I had no problem shedding my various anxieties about flailing my long limbs around in a rhythmic motion to the beat of random pop songs. She just, gets it.
    Hire her. Take lessons from her. Find that new life skill through her artistic teaching abilities that you never knew you had.
    That whole if I can do it, you can do it cliche is real here, with Natalyas help.
    Shes breathes teaching and youll soak in her incredible ability to help you become something greater with each lesson.
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    January 18, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I will typically ask you what your intentions are before we begin the class. I teach a wide variety of movers - aspiring professional dancers, children with disabilities, and adults that want to dance socially, lose weight, learn to walk in heels, or just have a lot of fun! My class plan ranges according to you, the student, and how far you want to develop your skills. I then offer a class plan for the next 5-10 meetings and set goals with you so we share mutual expectations! 

    Beginning the DanceSport competition circuit at the age of 5, I have dedicated my entire life to the study and mastery of Dance. 

    Aside from working my way up to training with the top Ballroom and Latin coaches in the world, I have explored the worlds of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, and contemporary dance in order to diversify my training and artistry. I have been a member of the Seattle dance companies "Breed Seattle", "Westsiders", and "Black Floor Collective" parallel to competing at a national level with my partner. I am also a well-known local choreographer and Performance Director in Bellevue and Seattle. 

    I charge $80 for kids and $100 for adults (18+). Lessons are 45 minutes, with all preparation done beforehand including video footage and lesson recaps. Floor fee for studio space is added on top of this rate.

    I have worked with students ranging from ages 5-55. From professional dancers, to children with disabilities that progress more efficiently with the help of movement therapy...and everyone in between!

    My Latin Dance Performance Group "Ladies of LaVida" and Heels Dance Company "Sauce." both performed at major events in the Seattle area in one weekend. I got to watch from the crowd as a proud Choreographer and Mentor. 

    Do your research. There are plenty of instructors out there that have learned dance for 3 months and consider themselves teachers. Find the true Professionals that have dedicated their lives to mastery of the craft. Look up names on YouTube, find someone you don't just want to learn information from - but that you look up to as a PERFORMER as well. Remember, no teacher can take you where they have not been. Quality comes from a lifetime of experience. 

    What style of music do you like to dance to? Do you have a video reference of what inspired you to take dance classes? 

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