SWIMkids USA, Inc

SWIMkids USA, Inc

Shaunna Risinger

Mesa, AZ


Responds within hours
46 years in business
35 employees

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We offer amazing swim, gymnastics and dance classes throughout the year. We take a very loving approach to teaching and incorporate quite a bit of brain development techniques into our lesson plans. Not only are they learning the skills we teach, but they are also getting smarter too!

The swim-float-swim method was created by our owner, which many swim schools now try to replicate in their programs. Our owner has also trained at the Olympic Training Center, so experience and knowledge is something we have plenty of! We are constantly learning the best techniques so you have the best instruction in our programs.

We love working with children of all ages and skill levels and watching them grow and succeed. We have been in business since 1971, so you know we are dedicated to what we do! 


Ballet, Dance, Gymnastics, Hip Hop Dance, Jazz Dancing, Swimming, Contemporary Dance


Mesa, AZ 85202

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