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Offers online services
Offers online services


NYC trained vocalist, actor, and music educator, Chris Lee has created three amazing methods/theories about music, voice, and acting. Private lessons one on one, or in small groups create programs based on each specific students needs.


A.R. Phonation, an exciting method based on the activation and release of vibration. ‘A.R. Phonation is the study of our anatomy, and how sound is created. Lessons pin point areas of opportunity by breaking them down into four parts: the diaphragm, vocal tract, oral cavity, and nasal cavity. Identifying these areas will help us to understand what warm ups and exercises have the greatest impact, creating a method unique to each student and building the foundation to success.


Practicle Application of Acting Techniques (P.A.A.T) incorporate a mix of methods based on the idea of realism, and aesthetics for both stage and film. C.L. is the creator of two major systems for achieving success. First, a line of actions will help us identify text vs. subtext vs. action. Secondly, we can use the actors’ toolbox to help elevate moments in script or develop depth/complexity of emotion. After our first four lessons students will be able to start scene work acting with other C.L. students to boost your portfolio and continue the challenge that is communicating. These opportunities are solely at the discretion of C.L. Studio and will not be rendered in any situation that may constitute a poor reflection of the studio or the student. Professionalism is required in any situation that includes C.L. Studio, and students of different contracts in a group environment. C.L. Studio will not take any liability for actions of students in or outside of the paid classroom environment.


C.L. Studio teaches keyboard Theory in the style of Jazz/improv. Students will first learn the Ionian mode. This includes every note, and chord structure within that mode. After learning the notes and chords, students will then start to use them in order of rhythm notation, using a staff, and building the ability to organize music. The connection between written music, and improvised music will build the students ability to both free style, and sight read harder pieces. This method created by C.L. Studio is both challenging, and rewarding!


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    Daniel G.

    Amazing. More than what I was expecting
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    March 01, 2020
    Hired on Lessons


    Tia S.

    I definitely recommend him ❤️ Amazing teacher and really fun to coach with. I will be continuing my lesson with him. I had a really fun first time and glad I picked this coach to go with .
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    February 17, 2020
    Hired on Lessons


    Dale L.

    I have sang in choir and some local theatre. I really did think i knew it all, and i was just going to have some warm ups, but Cl helped me open my eyes to a deeper connection with the material. The warm ups are CRAZY and I feel alive at the end of a session. We LOVE CL!!!!!!!!
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    January 07, 2020
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    Candace J.

    I flew out for another lesson (yes, I flew. I have frequent flyer miles to burn) with Chris. I worked with him in NYC for about a year and really missed his process of teaching technique and fun additude. Most vocal coaches Ive worked with tend to have an unfortunate off putting additude. He is incredibly helpful and always asks me where I want to improve in my music and we focus on that when we meet. I wish so much that he would move back to the city but it gives me a reason take a break from the busy city life and get some vocal work done in the process.
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    January 05, 2020


    Kayla K.

    Chris Lee was my voice coach for a few years in NYC, and is absolutely wonderful! He takes his time to make sure you understand things and always progressing. He has always pushed me, in an encouraging way, to be the best I can be. I’ve learned so much about music theory and myself working with Chris. I really wish he would move back to NYC all the time, because it was such a genuine connection I had found. I recommend him to anyone!
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    January 05, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I build up my students on four pillars of music

    Theory, Posture (physical warm ups), Warm ups (vocal), and reperitore. 

    These are the things that not only build a great musician but also they are what producers are looking for today in the audition room. Lets face it, highschool choir is rich, but lacks the ability to focus on one student at a time and develop a plan based on their needs. In my experience I have found that preparedness and knowledge hold no alternatives in this industry. 

    I began singing at a young age in church with my mom. I went on to audition and work various roles for DIsney as a kid. Later I would follow my love to NYC where I studied Jazz/commercial Music Education. After that I went on to be accepted to the American Music and Drama Academy NYC. I take the lessons I learned and bring them into the classroom every week with fun and current warm ups that are tailored to each students needs. 

    Lessons are $60 for 45 min.

    Ask about group rates!  

    discounts when buy 4 lessons at a time

    Classes include access to a YouTube channel! I have created content that will help you continue your studies through the week.

    I work with all sorts of students from young to old. Creating a program based on each persons needs!! 

    I usually work with jr/high school kids. A lot of people finishing High School and preparing for college. I am really great for that, as I too once went through the same process. 

    My lessons all start with basic music theory to build musiciainship. That leaves a lot of room to work with any student at most ages/levels of musicality becuase we all start at zero, and the lessons quickly build. 

    I have a deep passion for Drama and Acting and include a lot of Meizner and Stanislavski in my process. I am sure to incorporate something that you have never seen or done before, and that helps when we get into the more advance stages of voice. As we get ready for big auditions it becomes about the innovation of the entire performance rather than how many voice lessons, can you connect with the audience? Are you present? Are you 'real'?

    My classes are about building a reperitore, AND a great musician. 

    You need to find a space and teacher that you are comfortable with. It takes time and hardship to build artistry and you need to find a place where you feel able to take risks and an instructer who you would follow even in times when you dont understand where you are going. 

    I think first hand you should assess where yoyu are in your musicality. Then, consider what you want to change. If this path requires a teacher then go with it! 

    What do you want to get out of these lessons? 

    Services offered

    Music Theory