Golf Made Simple By Matt Rubin

Golf Made Simple By Matt Rubin

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Hey there my name is Matt Rubin and let me tell you how my service will stand out. Golf is an amazing game that can also be amazingly difficult. Not only can it be difficult but it can also be intimidating and confusing. There is a lot of information out there in the golfing world and it can be overwhelming, but that is where I come in. I believe the key to golf is to simplify everything, the more simple you can make it the easier it becomes. Once you simplify and start to learn what is really happening in the golf swing, everything becomes much clearer. Then when you understand what is really happening in the golf swing you can start to introduce and work on more advanced concepts. This is where I think my teaching will be the most beneficial because I will simplify the game and show you exactly what you need to do to improve your golf game!

A little about myself. I grew up in Denver and started playing golf competitively when I was eight years old. I was lucky growing up to take lessons with some great instructors including the late Mr. Jim Flick and Mike McGetrick. I had a good high school career and then went to the University of Colorado. I decided to transfer to the University of Arizona my sophomore year and unfortunately things didn't work out well there and again transferred to play junior college golf. I made honorable mention All-American at Pima CC and decided it was time to play professional golf. I unfortunately hit the injury bug with back and elbow injuries, but finally turned pro last year at the Waste Management Open Qualifier where I shot 72. I've been working on my own swing changes since and was set for a full tournament schedule this summer, but pulled a rib muscle in June. I still played a couple qualifiers the last few weeks for the Arizona Open and Colorado Open with the pain shooting 76 in both tournaments. I wanted to include this about me because I feel it is important that a golf coach should be a good player themselves. The best teachers I have ever seen or been around were all great players themselves because it gives them credibility. Also how am I suppose to take my students to a certain level if I haven't been there myself? And although I'm still going to be pursuing my playing career, I also want to start branching out into doing more teaching because I love helping golfers. I haven't gone into teaching full time but I have helped a lot of people in my golfing life, and when you watch a golfer strike the ball the correct way for the first time and they get that oh wow feeling, it is so much fun to see. Helping golfers is a blast and I believe with my background between playing experience and coaches I've worked with makes me the perfect candidate to help you and your golf game!

Even though I'm still pursuing my playing career and have not gone into teaching full time, I can't tell you how much I enjoy helping golfers. Like I said earlier, seeing the look in a golfer's face when they correctly strike the ball for the first time is awesome. Golf is amazing and I want to do everything I can to help grow it. With my experience and skill set I believe I can give so much to people looking to improve their golf games or get started with this great game. I love golf and I promise with my energy you will love it more than you can imagine too!


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Trent R.

I was struggling playing with Matt one day so he started helping me a little bit. After that we started playing together more and hed help me on the range and right away everything he taught me made so much sense. He makes it so easy to understand what you need to do to consistently hit the ball the correct way. Hes also great when it comes to short game and putting. Matt will be an awesome coach for anyone interested in lessons
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July 19, 2017

Jeff P.

I met Matt our freshman year of high school. I had tried out for the golf team but didnt make the team. Thankfully he ended up becoming one of my best buds and Matt helped me go from a 100 shooter and not making our team to a mid-low 70s shooter and top four on varsity. He taught me so much in golf and I can assure you he is an unbelievable choice if you are interested in improving your game.
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July 18, 2017

Frequently asked questions

My typical process for working with a new student is to get to know them and find out what there goals are in golf. From there I assess their playing level and then set up a game plan on what we need to work on and how to go about working on these things. All the while keeping everything simple to improve quickly.

A lot of this question can also be found in the about me page. I started playing golf competitively when I was eight years old. I've played amateur, college, and now playing professional golf. I've also been lucky to take lessons with some of the best teachers in the country in my lifetime and learn so much information from them. In addition, I've read and studied countless books about golf and the swing and yes I would classify myself as a golf nerd! 

Right now my standard pricing is $50 for an hour lesson. The lesson can obviously be adjusted to whatever length but that is just the standard.

I started helping some friends and then golfers on my high school team. I started helping friends and family members with their games and in college helped some more guys on my team and from there have helped anyone that has asked. I'm starting to now branch more into teaching on the side while I still compete in tournaments. Competing in tournaments and teaching are so different but both are so much fun and rewarding. 

I have helped teach students of all levels from never have played to helping players at the professional level. The exciting part about teaching golf is how rewarding it is to help a beginner as much as it is to help an experienced golfer. Helping golfers achieve their goals is an awesome feeling. 

A recent even I was fond of was definitely the Masters this year. It was such an unbelievable tournament with amazing golf played by both Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose. What made it so great and what makes golf so great is the respect and comraderie they had while trying to beat the other guy as much as they possibly could. 

My advice would make sure the teacher has a real desire for teaching. It might sounds a little silly but I've been around enough teachers were they really are just in it because it's their job. You usually should be able to tell if a teacher really loves the game and teaching early on. A teacher that doesn't have that desire usually isn't concerned with your best interests. 

Students should think about their goals and what their trying to accomplish. They should also think about how much time they have to practice and how much they want to work at their golf games.

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