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Todd Dugan Golf Instruction

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In my 20+ years of teaching hundreds of students, logging thousands of hours on the lesson tee, I have concluded that there are two major errors of the strike which plaque the recreational golfer; 1. A tendency for the clubface to be open at impact. This causes the ball to curve or slice to the right and triggers a chain reaction of compensations or bad habits to develop. 2. An inability to hit sufficiently downward. Only by delivering a descending clubhead into impact can the ball be consistently struck cleanly on the “sweetspot” before the clubhead runs into the ground behind the ball. Both of these errors are not an issue when the club is “released” or uncocked using a specific arm action, seen in the swings of all good ball-strikers. I use ultra high-speed video to analyze and measure improvement of this most critical aspect of the swing. Only with this proper release action can any golfer realize his or her own personal potential. Once learned, men and women of average physical ability will have a legitimate chance of breaking 80 and 85, respectively, on any given day.

For more advanced players, the other major element of the swing which I emphasize is swinging ‘on-plane”. The swing plane is critical because it involves direction.

I get a great personal reward from helping people to get more enjoyment from the game that they are as passionate about as I am. Teaching golf never gets stale for me because I know that the study of the golf swing, learning, and people are infinite and there is always more to learn.


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Steve W.

The thing I like about working with Todd the most is that he doesnt try to change my basic swing. He just makes it better with a simple thought or two, which doesnt overload my brain!
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November 28, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I ask if the student has any physical issues that I should be aware of. As a general rule, the only physical requirement is the ability to swing at all. Although I do encourage the student to verbalize his or her concerns, I feel that, ultimately, all players desire the same thing; the ability to strike the ball properly and consistently. I evaluate the swing based on the ball flight and average strike conditions, while also relying heavily on video analysis to evaluate the most important element of the swing, known as "the release".

I am a PGA of America Class "A" member since 1997 and have earned Certified Professional status in the discipline of Instruction.

Lessons are $50 per half hour or $80 per hour and include video analysis and lesson summary uploaded to the V1 Golf Digital Academy.

I got bit by the "golf bug" as a young person just out of college. I took my first job as an Assistant Pro in 1993 and began teaching then.

I have worked with all types of students, including; men, women, beginners, pros, juniors, seniors, and physically- handicapped.

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