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Offers online services
Offers online services


Sing Your Style Studio is client focused singing instruction based on the Speech Centered Singing teaching foundation. A technique working with fantastic results in all styles of music! All lessons are taught either in person or online distance video instruction. We have 3 locations through valley, yet at this time scottsdale is the only in person studio due too safety. Also Steph visits clients in North Scottsdale at their home residence as it's near her.

Immediate results/balance is found within the voice as we have years of experience directing all clients to find their most authentic sound easily. A must try if your looking to improve your singing fast. Enjoying most the work I do & positive results I can make in light speed time, which is needed for total transformation complete progress. :)


Serves Scottsdale , AZ
Offers online services

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    Sara L.

    Private voice lessons with studio founder Stephanie Swann. Fast progress, fantastic results!
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    June 02, 2017

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    Results and balance after 5 minutes...which they remain in that balance the entire time they are with me.

    With over a lifetime of 26 different personal instructors of voice myself, as well as studying Classical instruction and Musical theater from ASU.  I began my instruction with Seth Riggs speech level singing, which replaced all other forms of training.  That is soley my foundation of teaching today.

    Contact studio front desk directly 602.561. SING (7464)

    Too long ago to remember... Its the only thing Ive been doing my entire life, and Im extreemly good at it. 

    All types, all ages, male and female. All levels of experience.

    Helping children and adults through various charities who are in unfortunate circumstances to find their voice... as then they find themselves. 

    If you dontget immediate results, in other words, if your not in an ease with vocal balance within 5 minutes run the other direction and never look back!!  Thats the same tip my mentor Seth Riggs gave me. 

    Dont waste time talking, too many teachers will tell you what you want to must try a lesson!  The proof will be in the pudding, or it wont.  If your asking the price question your completely lost. Do you know you can pay Sally, Dick or Joe for discount lessons over a few years and get completely locked up vocally with major muscle memory all at the cost of your discount lessons?  Thats the wrong mentality that will surely lead you no where soon. 

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