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Who We Are Mojo Physio™ is a revolutionary, non-invasive “pain free” management practice. Mojo Physio™ treats chronic muscle imbalance syndrome through our proprietary pain relief solution, Neuromuscular Release Therapy™ (NRT). The basis of this therapy is the understanding of the body’s muscles and how they behave to promote recovery through brain signals and neuroscience. What We Do This scientific “touch” approach allows a certified NRT™ therapist to listen to each client’s brain patterns which signal the muscles, tissues and joints that need treatment. This process allows us to treat chronic pain at the source, further signaling the brain to begin the body’s natural healing process. The NRT™ method is safe and simple. It requires no pills, shots or machines in the treatment process. We help our clients of any age and physical condition suffering from all types of chronic pain resume natural, everyday movement patterns as early as the first visit.Typically, clients achieve an immediate 50% to 80% reduction in pain levels after just one session with sustainable recovery within 6 – 10 treatments. These results are consistent, safe and effective.Meet the innovator behind NRT - the cutting-edge leader of pain elimination therapy.Paul Ruth, NMT, is passionate about chronic pain elimination and has tirelessly dedicated over 17 years to the helping clients live pain-free. In 1997, Paul founded Mojo Physio to address movement joint therapy from chronic pain. After spending three years as a therapist, Paul accelerated his pursuit of finding a consistent method to relieve clients of chronic pain suffering. Based upon his scientific education, further research and client treatments, he pinpointed muscles as the source of nearly all pain. This revelation led to the understanding that everyone suffering from pain has chronic muscle imbalance syndrome.He created a propriety pain-free management relief technique that eliminates this chronic pain by addressing chronic muscle imbalance. His revolutionary method is Neuromuscular Release Therapy (NRT). NRT is a brain-based treatment application that addresses the brain-muscle connection to successfully identify and precisely treat the exact muscles involved in chronic muscle imbalance syndrome. Once these imbalances are corrected, he can restore clients to full, pain-free health. Paul has expanded the practice to four Phoenix area clinics. Currently Paul has an onsite NRT program at UTC Aerospace (Interiors/Phoenix). The program has produced unprecedented ROI (return on investment) numbers since it began in 2011 saving the company more than $4 million on workman’s comp claims. He oversees the extensive training and NRT certification of his staff. He travels nationally to provide NRT certification training to other therapists.Paul’s Designations and Speaking Engagements: Nationally recognized and certified (NCBTMB) provider of continuing education credit for the massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, and strength and conditioning industries Director of Neuromuscular Therapy at the Center for Human Performance in Mesa, AZ Director of Soft Tissue Pain at the Arizona Head, Neck, and Facial Pain Clinic Chief Neuromuscular Therapist at Synergetic Health and Wellness Neuromuscular Therapist at the TMJ Center of Scottsdale, AZ Selected therapist for golf’s’ Nationwide PGA Tour (2000–2005) Featured presenter for the Arizona Fibromyalgia Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association Featured guest speaker for the Southwest Dental Association on the benefits of neuromuscular reeducation and TMJ A workplace subject matter expert, he has addressed corporations including Dial Corp., Chase Bank, America West and Southwest Airlines.

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