Dance With Monika

Dance With Monika

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My teaching is very clear to understand and easy to follow instructions. I give them specific drills to improve their dancing and stamina. Im

mainly focus on technique and styling. Bringing out the artiststry in everyone.

I'm persistent and love my students' dedication to this beautiful sport.

I really love sharring my passion for dance and seeing the same passion in my students. Seeing their joy and smiles along with their successes makes my heart grow few sizes:)


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31 years in business
Serves San Jose , CA

Payment methods

Cash, Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle


How often

Once a week, Multiple times a week, Recommendations available

Student age(s)

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Number of students

One person, Two people, A group of 3 – 5 people, A group of 6 – 10+ people

Dance style

Ballroom, Swing, Salsa, Bachata

Goals and interests

Developing a hobby, Preparing for a wedding, Preparing for an event or performance, Working out and physical health

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    Mike B.

    Very helpful, patient and easy to follow instructions.
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    February 02, 2022
    Hired on Lessons


    Michael W.

    Monika is very talented in overall teaching and coaching of students in various dance routines and moves. Initially I did not really catch onto dancing but have now taken a good interest in dances that I would not have done before. She is well versed and knows how to bring together a class, but at the same time give individual attention to each and everyone of her students. Monika knows and sees all so can’t just go through the motions. She seriously wants to make one a better dancer and makes the classes fun whether it’s group or private. Great instructor all around.
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    December 20, 2020


    Ren U.

    Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Monika has been teaching Zoom based weekly International ballroom dance group lessons. Her classes in the Waltz, Chacha, and Jive have focused on the details of the basic fundamental techniques. I really appreciated her personal attention and constructive critique that she provided. She would closely observe each of the individual students and then give individualized improvement ideas. She also provided exercises and drills to help ingrain the correct posture, movements and timing. Her constant reinforcement of fundamental technique was very helpful in the learning process.
    Monika’s detailed understanding of both the leader and follower steps enabled her to teach both parts. By having us learn both lead and follow in the waltz, I now have a better understanding of what my partner would be doing and how I can better partner and lead.
    Monika made adjustments to ensure that her lessons worked well in the online format where space was limited and partner dancing was not always available.
    Overall, Monika’s lessons have greatly improved my dancing and I look forward to future online and in person classes with her.
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    December 18, 2020


    Ty T.

    She is very experienced and has great techniques and very patient with students as well as paying attention to details.
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    December 18, 2020



    Monika is a superb teacher, who can professionally train her students from beginner to competitive level. She is always well organized and prepared for her classes, be it group or private. Her detailed basic fundamental technique training with lots of drilling is particular attractive. She really can motivate her students with her passion of dancing to achieve their individual goal. Dont miss it!
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    December 18, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First learn students goals.
    If there was any previous experience, check how much knowledge in dancing they have already. 
    help them then continue on their path. If then student never had any experience in dance, I always start with the basics of rhythm and start to teach basic easy steps to bring out their confidence.  

    I've studied many years of dance in Poland since I was 2 years old. Beginning with ballet, thou polish folk dances and past over 30 years of International Ballroom and Latin Styles as well as American Rhythm/Smooth styles. 
    Gained my professional knowledge here in US from many prestigious coaches like Shirley Ballas, Kathryn Shaffer, Viktor Kanevsky, Shirley Johnson, Bill Sparks, Luis Van Amstel to name few. Currently I am ISTD certified judge in International Standard. 

    My lessons are 1 hr in length, 
    the fees $100/ lesson, include also the studio floor fees. 

    I always dreamed to work with young generation, but that passion also expended for adults as well. My former coach in Poland started to ask us advanced level dancers in our dance club to assist her in teaching the beginner levels. I loved working with new students. This when I knew it's what I want  to do for the rest of my life:) brining people joy and help them achieve their best:) Then when I moved to US and I found a near by ballroom studio where I began dancing with the owner at first and my love for teaching grew even more. Today I have so many wonderful students who are very pleased with  my teaching and continue to follow me. 

    From Beginners to advanced. 
    social and competitive dancers

    My most proudest moments are with youth couple. As they only danced together for less than one year they achieved a National Bronze Level Championship titles:)

    today they continue their successes in their more advanced levels.  

    Services offered

    Wedding Dance