Swim Lessons And Tutoring Services For All Ages And Skill Level

Swim Lessons And Tutoring Services For All Ages And Skill Level



Hi, my name is Kieran. I have over 5 years of experience working as a swim instructor. I am lifeguard certified with the Red Cross, and am currently working freelance having previous experience with Orange Regional Competitive Aquatics. I also have 15 years of swimming experience having swam for nationals and CIF. I am currently in pursuit of my masters degree in theatrical makeup and costume design.


7 years in business
Serves Fullerton , CA

Payment methods

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle


Access to pool

Student access to a public pool, Student has pool at home, Student plans to find a pool, but doesn't have access today


Learn basic strokes, Become more comfortable in water, Improve swimming technique, Train for an event

Comfortable in water

Comfortable in water, Not comfortable in water Please select at least one option

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student age(s)

Young child (18 months – 5 years old), Youth (6 – 12 years old), Teenager (13 – 17 years old)

Lessons length

30 minutes, 60 minutes

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Frequently asked questions

I first assess the child's skill level and then assess their comfortability with the water. After I have an understanding of where we can go forward from here I aid the child in their skill building and improve upon what they already know as well as guide them into learning anything they do not know or need help with. I like to create a mixture of fun activities within my coaching so that the lessons are something to look forward to as well as a place where a child can enthusiastically learn.

*Parents, please note that no matter your child's age level or skill level, I prefer to be the only person in the water when training them. Meaning I prefer for the parent NOT to be in the water, but you of course may watch. This prevents distractions and better immerses the child*

If you are looking for tutoring, I have a similar process in that I access the child's skill level, and work from there to build upon skills already present as well as help guide the child in the right direction, employing healthy and helpful study skills as well as helping break down the main ideas needed.

I have been swimming for around 15 years competitively, and I've been coaching Swim Lessons for about 6 years. I have experience with a large age range of students from teaching very young children just adapting to the water, to high schoolers swimming competitively. I have a lifeguarding and CPR certification under the Red Cross.

For tutoring services, I am currently in training to become a high school level and college level teacher. I have experience working as a swim coach and working with kids and am one semester and one year away from receiving my teaching credentials. I have taken nearly all of the AP classes with passing grades and on the AP tests and have very exceptional grades on the SAT and ACT. I am very well read on teaching theory and the teaching process.

My base price for lessons is $40 for 30 minutes and $65 for an hour.

*if you would like to meet more than once a week the prices will be reduced to $35 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour!*

Each additional client will be $5 more. Meaning, that two children for 30 minutes would be $45, and two children for an hour would be $70

*for two clients twice a week this price will be $40 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour*

**Children under the age of 5 will be charged the base price with no reduction**

I got my lifeguard certification in 2015 and began coaching swim in 2016. I started by teaching ages 2 and up, and have been previously been employed under ORCA (orange regional competitive aquatics).

For tutoring, I have been training to become a high school and college level teacher for 3 years.

I have worked with all ages and all skill levels, from getting crying infants comfortable enough to put their faces in the water, to training kids for joining a swim team, to preparing highschool competitive swimmers for meets, to adult special education swimmers preparing to compete nationally.

Ask a lot of questions! Discuss your goals and expect the teacher to ask questions in return! If you are ever confused about the process, feel free to ask how certain actives will work towards your goals.

The best thing for students and parents of students to keep in mind for beginning lessons are the goals they want from the lessons. The more the teacher knows what the students and parents want from the lessons, the more effective the teaching and learning.

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