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Nicole Wooding, Chassé & Sway’s award winning dancing instructor, provides professional dance instruction and choreography to individual men and women, as well as to couples and groups. Certified in over 15 dance styles, which include Ballroom, Tango, Swing, Latin and all of the major social styles, Nicole excels at helping students who are new to the world of ballroom dancing to achieve their dreams of becoming beautiful dancers. She is also gifted in guiding experienced dancers toward enhancing their technique and expression. Known as one of the top wedding choreographers in the region, Nicole has orchestrated several award winning showcase pieces, and serves as the choreographer for the American History Theater in San Diego. In addition to the instruction that she provides to novices, amateurs, and professionals, Nicole continues to develop her extensive professional skills through her own training program with World Champions, Pro-Am competitions with her students, and with her professional partners.


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Nate R.

“Invigorating”! That’s one of the many ways to describe every dance lesson that I’ve had the pleasure to experience with Nicole Wooding as my instructor.
I was relatively new to Swing dancing and completely new to Salsa when I began my lessons at Chassé & Sway. After my first ten lessons, coupled with practice sessions at home, I’m now able to lead my partner through a variety of turns and spins. And not only during studio sessions, but also with a complete sense of confidence while dancing to live music at public venues!! And I have Nicole, my inspirational instructor to thank for this new form of ‘release’ that feels like a gift!
Due to her passion and appetite for this art form, Nicole’s energy is nothing shy of contagious! And before you know it, you’ll be eager to learn more after each session reaches its conclusion. And while some of the things that you attempt to perform won’t register right away, Nicole always has a trick up her sleeve to help you to transform a struggle with a step, or a turn, into a maneuver that will become second-nature to you!
So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance, trust someone who apparently does this will zeal every day; someone exactly like Nicole – a motivational instructor who has a great way of seasoning every lesson with an endless amount of patience, a bottomless supply of encouragement and the ability to bridge the gap between where you are now and the exhilarating platform that’s offered through the art of dancing!!
Thank You, Nicole!!!
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January 02, 2018

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