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Golden is recognized internationally as a celebrity Dance instructor, coach and choreographer and has over twenty years experience working in the performing arts. Among celebrity clients have included Emmy Rossum, Penelope Cruz (as assistant ballet coach in prepartion for her role in the film Vanilla Sky), Timothy Goebel (Figure Skating Bronze Medalist), the late Brittany Murphy and he has consulted as a choreographer/dance instuctor for actress/producer Hanala Sagal.

Golden may be available as a private trainer for clients who have previously completed some physical training in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Choreography, and Jazz. Golden generally considers the first lesson taught to any client to be an "assessment" of the clients particular needs and shown skill level, however, the lesson will be an very enjoyable experience.

It is a pleasure to instruct dance students and fitness enthusiasts of most ages and levels of ability, helping them to further define themselves as athletes, dancers, future instructors and choreographers.


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Frequently asked questions

Potential student candidates (with some previous dance training) aged between 10-47 years (children, women, men, adults) are generally screened in advance of instruction being booked. Depending upon the students location, Golden may be unable to respond to all requests for training. Adults and parents (or legal guardian) of under age students will be requested to fill out a liability release form which is to be accompanied along with the tuition payment in advance of any class(s) being instructed. Instructor may only be available to teach at either an already existing commercial dance/arts center facility and or another type of campus facility located within the student or teachers vicinity. Lessons may also be instructed outdoors providing it is has been mutually agreed to in advance by client and teacher.

In the event a student has been previously injured or has a pre-existing medical/physical condition, it is requested that these details be revealed prior to booking any lesson, in order to ascretain what training options may be available or recommended. 

When instructing ballet technique (barre, center, pointe, pas de deux, reverance, partnering) to children, women and men, Golden relies upon over twenty years of experience and makes use of a hybridised ballet format, generally based upon a number of traditional ballet teaching methods. Golden is also certified in Foundation Training (Level I). When Golden instructs any other "contemporary dance" movement/style he does so from an original format, relying yet again on years of training, and professional teaching and performing experience. 

Lessons are to be paid for by Personal Check and Cash only. Payments should be made payable to Golden Koscuik.

The standard pricing system for lessons purchased via average between the following:

Individual (beginner-advance dance students, however, beginners who have completed some prior dance training) 60 Minute lesson priced at $100.00 per person, 90 Minute lesson priced at $150.00, and providing lessons are instructed at the students location. 

Note: Lesson prices will be higher when lessons are instructed at the instructors location and when available. Lesson prices, schedules, location and availability are subject to change. 

Final instructional booking requests are to be confirmed electronically via email.

Other policies may apply. 

The instructor has taught and worked internationally and comes from a family of performing artists.

Golden has instructed at a number of Southern California locations and venues including but not limited to the University of Southern California (Dept of Theatre), Torrance Cultural Arts Center, and the California Dance Theatre. Students have come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including Elementary-High School students, College students and those training personally or vocationally in sports such as Volleyball, Ice Dancing, Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Ballet, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Lyrical Jazz, Martial Arts, Tennis, etc., and some students have even traveled as far as Australia and Japan to attend individual training and workshops including professional dance/fitness teachers themselves. 

The Annual Nutcracker presented at one of more than a dozen Southern California locations and taking place in the winter are  always a thrill to attend. I have also been very pleased with theatrical productions presented by the Los Angeles Music Center, the Wallis and the Orange County Performing Arts Center, but there are literally dozens of other venus which could also be recommended.

Students should always be courteous to their instructors and take to heart what professional advise and mentoring they are willing to offer up. Be prepared to attend multiple lessons as dance studies taken at any age/level will take months or years to master. Get to each class early and complete a self-warm up. Dress in appropriate workout attire. Dont chew gum in class. Make a list of technical/artistic questions. Eat a solid meal prior to each lesson and drink plenty of liquids. NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL WILL BE TOLERATED AT ANY TIME. 

Consider your academic and artistic goals and career objectives carefully, which can of course change from time to time. Discuss potential questions with your parents before speaking with your instructor(s). Consider tuition expenses/budget carefully together as a family, as ongoing and sequential physical fitness/dance study can get expensive, however, instructors with impecable background, experience and qualifications are well worth the cost in the long run, especially if you intend to continue your dance studies in college and or beyond professionally. 

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