Pam Rossi's Dance Ten

Pam Rossi's Dance Ten



I've owned and I have been running my studio for over 27 years. My studio has an excellent track record of teaching all ages male and female. My teachers are dedicated and consistant and really care and are passionate about what they are doing. It has a very family feel to our studio. Many of my staff and teachers have been together for Many years. Myself and our teachers have received many nice awards for the achievment towards the arts. Many of our dancers have gone on to do TV, Film, Music Videos,Commercials and touring productions. Our studio teachers 3 years to adult in all styles of dance and Musical theater.

I enjoy seeing joy in students and in their personal growth as artist. I love to see when they get excited to accomplish something they have wanted to accomplish and finally achieve it. I enjoy being around the great music I hear every day and see friendships that are being built everyday at our studio. I see the confidense grow in our students. I see leadership skills getting stronger in students more sure of themselves everyday.


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31 years in business
Serves Moorpark , CA

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Frequently asked questions

Evaluating and watching them in the recommended class.  Getting to know them better. I make sure that student is comfortable in the class which we have recommended for them so their learning will be  a fantastic experience and excellent. 

40 years as a dance teacher. 30 years as a choreographer, 25 years as a director and 20 years a professional dancer. 

62.00 for 1 class month  106.00 for 2 classes a month the more classes you take the cost per class goes down.

I was raised in a studio where my mother owned the studio.  She taught me to dance and taught me to to become a teacher. I also studied with master teachers all through my life and to keep learning always.

2 years to adult. All types and ages.

I'm putting a dance holiday showcase performance on now this week. I have two shows of the Moorpark Civic Ballet "The Nutcracker " I direct and choreograph for in a week before the holidays. Giving dancers opportunities to perform and entertain audiences.Our perfroming groups go out now at least once a montht to perform and our competing dance companies also go out once a month to compete. I love our Musical Theater shows that we put on they are very entertaining and I see really nice growth in  our students:)

Find out about their expertise.  What is their background , where they were trained? What are their credits? Observe a class or take the class and see how you feel in the class. Does it feel like you learned alot and are you feeling connected with the teacher?

Younger student don't really know what they need. Its the teacher job to teach them what they need to be a dancer. Students just need they to enjoy the teacher ,the class and learn:) If a young teen has a desire to perform or eventually teach or go professional then they should set up a  meeting to set goals with the teacher.

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