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I am a working actor: most recently in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?," "Boardwalk Empire," "Orange is the New Black," "Gypsy," and most known for my role on "Dharma and Greg." I have been educated in many methods and used them to varying successes throughout my career and I feel, especially through teaching, that I have created an approach that really works. It is based upon Stanislavski's methos of using one's imagination as taught by the great Harry Mastrogeorge, my mentor, and the wonderful Stella Adler. I pepper in what has worked for me from repetition, sense memory, improv, and many theatrical exercises, to create an engaging and thorough exploration of story, intention, relationship, and character, all driving toward the ultimate goal of moving the actor and thus the audience to a deeper empathy for and understanding of the human condition. We have a fantastic time and leave feeling satisfied with our work and ourselves.

I truly love watching students discover their own power to move people and become the heroes of their tales and thus their own lives.


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No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Theater, Improv theater, Musical theater, Film, TV episode, TV commercial, Radio, Not applicable; lessons are for personal interest

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1 person, 2-4 people, 5 or more people

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No specific focus, Hone diction and enunciation, Expand vocal range, Strengthen vocal projection, Refine vocal expression, Develop specific accent(s), Develop specific dialect(s)

Students goals

To prepare for an audition, To build confidence, To explore as a hobby, To continue professional development

Acting type(s)

I can make recommendations, Scene study, Cold reading, Method acting, Classical acting, Voice-over, Improv

Student's age

14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

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    Scott S.

    Shae possesses that trifecta of being intellectually insightful, funny, and kind. You may find a teacher with two, but all three? Well now youre breathing rarefied air.
    The most glowing accolade I can give any teacher is that they have a plan for how theyre going to help their students become better actors.
    Shae has a plan.
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    December 16, 2019


    Kelvin G.

    Working with Shae has been an absolute gift from the Thespian Gods. Shes been clear and gentle in her guidance, and has always worked to help me figure out what I wanted (or unknowingly needed) in my acting arsenal. She helped me develop a precise, effective, and powerful approach to the craft by using my imagination and finding strong intentions; a process of work that I can rely on for anything, from auditioning work to actual work on set. She encouraged me to develop myself as a chameleon, able to do certain dialects and transform physically, mentally, and emotionally to fulfill diverse roles. Shes just: Wondrous.
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    December 16, 2019


    Lauren M.

    Ive been studying under Shae for about two years now and the amount of knowledge Ive gained not only as an actor but about myself is completely invaluable. Shae is nurturing, a super cool plethora of experience and knowledge and most importantly, Honest. Because of Shae, I have realized the tools within me that have allowed me to approach any scene with an innate sense of confidence and security within my craft. I regularly book work and I really do owe it to Shae :)
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    January 01, 2019


    Hannah T.

    Shae is the most inspirational, kind and incredible teachers you could find. Not only that, she is an amazing person and mentor. I have come some far in my acting because of her. She will never put you in a box as an actor. She allows you to be free and explorative in every class. I can’t recommend her class enough.
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    December 23, 2018


    Chelsea W.

    The ability to work on what I need to personally target and being able to work in every class has kept me feeling fresh, spontaneous, and grounded.
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    December 23, 2018


    Danielle P.

    I loved how specific shae was and I was able to take her notes and apply them to the scene. She really teaches you how to dig into a scene and stay locked in.
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    November 19, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    We begin with scene work, theatrical material usually gives us the most depth. We work through intention to find the reason for the words and then the words come naturally while pursuing the intention.

    The students find the intention of the play or screenplay and then of the scene and then their character's intention in the scene, and then we find the tactics used to achieve those intentions. They use their imaginations to create memories, at least two per scene, memories that are essential to fulfilling the emotional context of the moment.

    As the students progress we then work on auditions and filming. You may see, on my website, the examples of this work. 

    It's important to me to cultivate a safe space for exploration and expansion. The students are encouraged to practice a state of non judgement in and after class.

    University of Virginia BA Cum Laude

    Circle in the Square Professional Theater Program 2 Years under Terese Hayden et al

    Over 30 plays, films, and television.

    Studied privately with mentor Harry Mastrogeorge, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mary McDonnell

    Shae D'lyn offers Scene Study at $240 per month which is $60 per 3 1/2 hour class. Each student has their own scene tailored to their needs and works every class.

    Private Coaching is also available to assist in learning the technique and for preparation for theatrical work, film, and television, as well as audition taping. Rate $60 per 1/2 hour, one hour minimum. Phone consults available for $20 per 1/2 hour. 

    Services offered