Mile High Dance Center

Mile High Dance Center

Lauren Giangregorio

Englewood, CO


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Mile High Dance Center provides a family environment that creates positive lifetime memories. We offer quality dance technique and training to children beginning at age 2. We were voted Best Dance Lessons by Macaroni Kid in 2016.

Why Choose Mile High Dance Center?

  • Dancers feel comfortable to grow & learn in a positive environment
  • We offer dance classes for all ages and abilities
  • Employ the best, most experienced, positive, & caring instructors
  • Provide exceptional dance education and experiences
  • Great convenient location
  • Multiple performance and competition opportunities 
  • Much MORE!

All of our instructors at Mile High Dance Center are trained professionals. They are all very experienced in their technique! Our instructors range from Juilliard graduates, to professional NFL Cheerleaders, high school pom team coaches, Joeffrey Ballet Company members and so much more!


Dance, Ballet, Dance Choreography, Hip Hop Dance, Contemporary Dance, Tap Dance, Jazz Dancing, Acrobatics


Englewood, CO 80112

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Q & A

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

Tuition Rates:

30 min/week = $45/month

45 min/week = $55/month

1 hr/week = $65/month

1.25 hr/week = $78/month

1.5 hr/week = $90/month

1.75hr/week = $103/month

2 hr/week = $115/month

2.25/week = $125/month

2.5 hr/week = $135/month

2.75 hr/week = $145/month

3 hr/week = $155/month

3.25 hr/week = $163/month

3.5 hr/week = $170/month

3.75 hr/week = $183/month

4 hr/week = $195/month

4.25 hr/week = $203/month

4.5 hr/week = $210/month

4.75 hr/week = $215/month

5 hr/week = $220/month

5.25 hr/week = $225/month

5.5 hr/week = $230/month

5.75 hr/week = $235/month

6 hr/week = $240/month

6.25 hr/week = $243/month

6.5 hr/week = $245/month

6.75 hr/week = $248/month

7+ hr/week = $250/month (unlimited)

Registration Fee:
$30/family per year
Applied to your statement on the anniversary of your original registration