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TRUST -We believe that we must first trust ourselves and each other to accomplish our goals in life.

CHARACTER – We believe that character is the primary ingredient that allows one to get to know oneself.

RESPECT – We believe that one must recognize the humanity in all other beings in order to benefit from live experiences.

COURAGE – We believe that it takes courage to open yourself up to the goodness that is possible within yourself.

PRACTICE – We believe that practice is essential to seeking anything that is of value in this life.

PERSEVERANCE – We believe that you one must steadfastly follow their core values with passion and conviction.

HARD WORK – We believe that developing a work ethic built on hard work is essential to success.

ACHIEVEMENT – We believe that all true achievement is the culmination of these values added to a huge dose of commitment.

INTEGRITY – We act honestly and ethically with each person, our students, and the larger community.

EXCELLENCE – We consciously set high standards and take steps to achieve them.

RESPECT – We create a kind, honest, and respectful environment that welcomes everyone and encourages all to grow.

COMMUNITY – We foster open and constructive communication and interactions with one another to support growth and self-enhancement.

GROWTH – We continuously seek to improve ourselves in an effort to become better people, instructors, and learners.

COMPETITION– Learning to compete is an important step in life.

Youth Classes

Fun and Energetic Classes that Children Love to Attend!

We combine a fun, positive training environment with expert instruction for children of all ages.

Pre-school Karate classes to help young children learn discipline, listening and motor skills that will help them in school.

Junior Karate classes help children and teens develop coordination, confidence, self-discipline and respect for authority.

Mighty Mites/Juniors

Self Confidence | Etiquette | Discipline | Concentration

Karate has many benefits for children. With childhood obesity becoming more common and childhood type 2 diabetes at record highs, the importance of physical activity can’t be ignored. Karate is a fun and interesting way for children to exercise but also prepares a child for life by developing 3 essential areas your child needs to excel.


With encouragement and support from expert instructors and parents, they learn to rise to the occasion when faced with challenges.


Through the traditions of Karate children learn to be polite and to respect their instructors, fellow-students, and parents.


Children react well to structure and discipline, and quickly develop self-discipline. A child’s concentration is enhanced as they focus their mind on an objective and many parents notice a marked improvement in their child’s concentration.

Adult Classes

Succeed in Karate and Life! Expert Instruction Superior Results

Karate | Self-Defense|MMA-Strike Coach

Join us today!

Experience the superior results of our expert instruction + your dedicated training

Walk with Confidence

Karate is a safe environment to help all people develop real life skills for daily living.

Self Confidence:

Develop strength, awareness, and clarity of mind to stay calm while under pressure.


Karate provides exercise for the body and mind at any age.


Safety is first in the dojo. Learn the skills to be safe, in controlled environment

Culture: Provide understanding of Japanese Culture and Bushido way of the warrior. Karate ni sente nashi - There is no first attack

Private instruction allows a student to develop at his or her own pace, in a safe environment, free of the distractions of a class type atmosphere. in a private lesson, students and instructors have the freedom to explore the techniques and tailor the curriculum to fit the individual needs of each student.

Private lessons are excellent tools for teaching children. Although many children do well in a group environment, most will benefit greatly from some one on one time with their instructor. In private, there is no pressure to perform, no one watching you learn a new and difficult skill, and no peer pressure to act out on.

Another benefit of private instruction is found in the group classes. Because new material is learned and practiced first in private, the instructors in group are able to gear the class towards repetition and fitness, correcting mistakes and improving performance, but not really needing to take the time to teach new material.

In short, students who participate in a martial arts program that includes private instruction are able to assimilate much more material in a shorter amount of time than those who attend group classes only.

In short, seeing someone achieve their goals, beyond what they thought was possible is a joy to watch and be apart of.


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Student's age

19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Disciplines interested in

I can make a recommendation, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing or Muay Thai, Tai Chi Chuan, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


For self defense, Building strength and confidence, Developing discipline, Improving physical health

Class type

Private training, Group classes

Number of students

1 person, 2 people, 3 - 4 people, 5 or more people

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    7th Degree Black Belt

    Japan Karate Federation Hayashi Ha Shito Ryu Kai

    NSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Assoc -Certified Trainer/Coach

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